It is Valentine’s day once again in Japan with all the shoujo animes and mangas it’s probably Valentine’s day 20 times a year, and Sawako gives chocolates to her friends and family. The whole rest of the episode is all about her trying to give her last bag of chocolates to Kazehaya.

It is ZEE bag. Who'd have thought an episode could go around such an item for the whole half hour?

Kuronuma Sawako is back to school at the start of the new semester, and the seating plan has changed, however the people around her aren’t scared of her like previous semesters and it makes her really happy. Of course, she seems really happy in her own little world surrounded by friends, but we can’t forget about Kazehaya either. Sawako starts thinking about him and how she feels distant from him now that the seating plan has changed, meanwhile Kazehaya remembers what happened on New Years and smiles d’awww, so cute.

We then learn that the next day is Valentine’s day, and Sawako has all her chocolates prepared: Ryuu and Chizuru, Tomo, Ekko, Ayane, her dad, one for Takahashi (the creepy girl sitting behind her in class), and she’s making Kazehaya’s bag when she realizes that he seems more important than the others. She makes it nonetheless, however the next day she finds herself unable to give him his chocolate, and Kazehaya notices that she gives some to everyone but him Heck, even an idiot like Pin got chocolates and kinda starts feeling jealous. Sawako is about to finally give them, however Kurumi gives them first and then Sawako is, in the end, unable to give her chocolates to him because she can’t pretend they’re only obligatory chocolates. At the end of the episode we meet a new character, who doesn’t seem to despise Kurumi’s new personality, and who looks at Sawako as she wants to give her chocolates to Kazehaya suspicious….
Impression: Alright, first, I’d like to mention that the subs for this kinda pissed me off, because in my opinion the chocolates should have been explained in more detail. I think sometimes it must have been seriously confusing for some people, and I’m not quite satisfied of the subbing company about that. When they say “obligatory chocolates” their definition isn’t too bad, however the “homemade chocolates” are just plain sad. Anyways, in Japan you can give 3 types of chocolate. Giri chocolate is one that you give because you feel “obligated” to give chocolates to someone, Tomo chocolates are more about giving some to friends, and Honmei chocolate (what they called a homemade chocolate -_-) is a chocolate given to someone you love, so in Sawako’s case it’d basically be a confession. Now that this has been cleared up, let’s actually get to the impression.

First off, the whole concept of Valentine’s day. I’m kinda sick of it. I know it’s an important day for all shoujo animes, but come on, this is getting really redundant -_-. Anyways, apart from that, I was really happy to meet all the old characters and their personality again. I laughed so much when I saw Joe waiting for Ayane to give chocolate and Pin being an idiot like usual, these guys are complete idiots and they’re just plain hilarious! There are a couple of new characters in this, notably Takahashi, who seems to have a fetish for tickling people wtf!, and there also seems to be a guy in Kurumi’s class that will probably be important later on he’s reaaaaally suspicious…

Hey, you. Yeah, you with the flowy hair and good looks. You're suspicious *stares*. Your hair flows too much in non-windy areas.

Anyways, on to Sawako now. She’s totally adorable! She tries her best to be integrated into her class and, in this episode, to give out her chocolates and it’s so cute! I love that girl. “If I give him mine he’ll have way too many chocolates!” d’Awwww ^.^. Stop worrying so much, cute little girl. The reason why in the end she didn’t give out chocolates also made lots of sense. She can’t give them and pretend they’re Giri chocolates, because to her that would be denying her feelings, however in the end she couldn’t give Honmei chocolates either because she would be confessing and doesn’t want that. Kazehaya’s thoughts were pretty interesting too, it’s quite obvious that both sides like each other and once again I can’t help but find everything really cute.
Lastly, I would like to say: Yaaaaaaaay, Ryuu’s back!
…Sorry, I just had to.
The show already has some plot started off, with the suspicious dude and Kurumi especially, it seems there will be a lot of bonds forming and others getting stronger! It’ll be an awesome second season!

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  1. Luke

    Her character is that of a veeeeery shy person, making her ‘cute’.
    It worked for season 1 but past that? No.
    Shy characters are very easy to get bored of.
    Why it worked for season 1? We got to know everyone who wasn’t the main character more-so than the main character herself.
    If Sawako is just a culmination of her friends efforts, it gives her very little character to go by.
    Kinda giving the feel that they wish to immerse the viewer in to her role.
    Immersion sure plays a large role in keeping an anime going, but that sucks for those who wish to watch an anime just because they want something good out of it, rather than having someone to relate to (a more common trait you see in anime these days).
    Now on to season 2 and all we get is a new guy who’s chasing after Sawako, with the old rival pushing her away from ‘the cool guy’ of the series. This makes for something bland, judging from first looks at the new guy, it’s nothing good.
    It’s never easy to find a good anime that sustains itself with more than one series.
    Season One? Good watch.
    Season Two? Avoid.

    1. Eva

      You may be jumping to conclusions too fast. While yes her shyness is starting all over again, it has a completely different issue compared to the first season. If you follow the manga, it actually progresses very nicely, and Sawako does not remain in her shy spot for too long. She does eventually crawl out of her shell and starts to be more open about it since Kazehaya starts to step it up a notch by becoming even more jealous because of Miura.
      But that’s just my thoughts. ^_^;

    2. Myst

      I think I can see where you’re coming from, however what I love the most about Sawako is not really her shyness but her willingness to get out of it. It’s true that shy characters end up being really annoying, however in her we seriously see a difference that she’s willing to change this. Also, I believe that her background (that everyone around her was always scared of her) doesn’t actually make her a shy person but rather an inexperienced person. What I find adorable in her is her intense determitation, and you will notice later on that she really tries her best, by herself, and her friends aren’t always there to do things for her.
      As for the new guy… Well, it is, after all, a shoujo anime and most of them need some new person. Now, considering I can’t remember the manga very well I can’t say for sure if the season will turn out like your predictions, however at the moment since only 2 episodes are out you might consider waiting a little bit before saying it should be avoided.

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