So, much to the body guards and everyone else’s dismay EXCLUDING the prince – turns out the corpse is not only an alien from the Disckonian clan, but it was also just playing dead and came back to life declaring they will kill Prince Baka for revenge. Of course Prince Baka’s escorts are in panic mode, knowing that they are in a very dangerous situation. They try to figure out how to deal with the issue, when Yukitaka suddenly remembers about the prince’s data machine. He shows it to the escorts who search for Disckonian’s weakness, discovering the truth they were in such a state of shock they didn’t know how to react. In the end it turned out that the Prince plotted this entire uproar from the very beginning and it was all an act.

This is late because 1) I was freezing my ass off since was (much to my dismay) -34’C, two; my fingers are frozen – so I do wonder how the hell I am typing – hey don’t look at me like that I’m not being overdramatic, I’m quite serious here. And finally this is the fault of our furnace being broken =3=;)
Forgive me that was a terrible summary – I’ll do better next week! But really this episode is something that just needs to be watched!
BWAHAHAHAHAHAH! OMG! OMFG, I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! *APPLAUSE* JUST, WOW. THIS WAS JUST BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!! FUCKING BRILLIANT I TELL YOU! I couldn’t stop laughing – I mean this whole episode, from ep 1 till now, everything was a complete set up!!!!! I couldn’t believe it when it turned out that the Disckonian clan was actually working with the Prince, how misleading the preview was, how Miho’s father actually worked alongside with him AND LASTLY he was purposely targetting Yukitaka in the first place!
Oh yes and Captain Craft, good lord HAHAHAHAHA, he really enjoyed taking advantage of the situation to beat the living daylights out of his prince. He was having so much fun, it was so thrilling for me – much like sweet revenge yes?
The next thing that killed me was just how much the Disckonian clan loved baseball and wanted Yukitaka’s autograph. He’s like, “Err..wut?” HAHAHA! LOVED IT, OMG THE ONE WHO ACTED LIKE THE CORPSE/ZOMBIE I FORGET HIS  NAME, HE’S ADORABLE!!! <3
So now that 3 months has passed, Yukitaka got quite a tan, he and Miho are like good friends (possibly in a relationship now), and now they got a letter that the Prince has been appointed as the head of the security on their planet and will be returning. Speaking of the devil, he’s just outside of their building right now! XD Oh boy, what kind of misery trouble will be bring this time round?
Gosh if you haven’t watched this show yet – start watching it right now. DO IT. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? GO GO GO GO GO GO GO!!!!!
Preview: I think I’m not even going to post these misleading images for this show anymore! I can’t wait for next week’s episode!


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