Tch, now Bomber has the size advantage but height too - DAMN IT HE'S GOING TO CHEAT!!!

Fortune Cup competition wraps up for the day. With Bomber’s as Yusei’s opponent, Ruka decides he will do something to help Yusei with the duel since he is worried that Yusei will be imitated. He sneaks into Bomber’s garage only to freak out screaming ‘GHOST!!!’. After seeing Bomber’s D-Wheel and falls sleep. While searching for Rua, Saiga contacts Yusei to reveal that his friends are nowhere to be found. Seconds later Bomber finds him and returns Rua to Yusei who was looking for him with Ruka. The two of them talk about their purpose of being in the competition. Both are trying to protect their hometown however in different positions. Yusei warns Bomber not to trust Godwin. The next day they have their Riding Duel where Bomber goes all out summoning three monsters, activating two traps then special summons Giant Bomber Air Raid. He not only destroys Speed Warrior but he also inflicts 600 damage onto Yusei, who may have underestimated how quickly Bomber summons his ace.

So we got a mini back-story regarding the reason why Bomber is working under Godwin. Turns out his people are part of the People of the Stars heritage or whatever, and without a doubt probably one of the main reasons Godwin targeted him in the first place. Besides that, because I could care less about it – WHAT THE HELL IS WITH BOMBER’S D-WHEEL? It’s like insane. Way too big if you ask me. More like a racecar or those giant car whatever they are called (I’m not cars person so I don’t know), but damn… I’m more worried about Yusei getting squished by that thing.
Anyways as for the current progress into the duel – GOD, I really do think that Yusei may have underestimated how quickly Bomber was going to summon his ace, I mean – smokes, it’s his second turn and he already got that beast on the field.

Oh yes that’s right before I forget, did anyone think that Bomber’s expression was like TOTALLY creepy the way he was watching Ruka and Rua sleep. These two expressions right here! D: THEY CREEP ME OUT.

Another thing I wanted to mention was,I think it’s clear that Yusei’s friends are indeed imprisoned somewhere judging by how their place looked like it was invaded. Knowing them, I highly doubt they escaped the security on their own.
Now for Ruka, listen kid. I know you want want to be cool  like Yusei, but what were you going to do in the first place when you got into the garage, moreover how did you think you were going to get out? Last time I checked with Yusei, you had to ride a D-Wheel to barge through it. Oh well it was still funny as hell how he thought Bomber’s D-Wheel was a ghost!!!!


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