One Piece Episode 483: The First Death of the Series…

While the most emotional moment in One Piece so far starts, the people around just have to ruin everything and start shooting Akainu although it is completely useless. Seriously, these guys are FREAKIN’ STUPID, he’s a logia type…. Guns… Don’t…Hurt… Him. And then they turn around and when they see that he’s still standing the people around are super surprised! gasp How can he be alive? I wonder -_- Anyways, all this to say that some useless and weak pirates ruined the emotion and feeling that Ace’s soon-to-be-death was giving…

No, idiot, he's a logia -_- Stop ruining the emotion

Anyways, back to the story. Akainu’s still alive no duh, and since Ace still lives the admiral is about to give him the final blow when Jimbei comes and blocks the hit. The rest of the episode consists of Ace’s last words to Luffy just before he dies, as Luffy himself enters a state of shock and doesn’t want to believe that Ace will die. In the end, Ace falls from his wounds and as he dies Luffy starts crying and yet he sounds like he is laughing at the same time he’s lost it.
This episode was intense, holy crap! The only thing that bothered me was what I mentioned in the beginning, which was the stupid pirates shooting Akainu. It was obvious that shooting him wasn’t gonna do anything and it only ruined the sad moment of the beginning. At least the producers brought it back when Luffy and Ace were together and Ace whispered his last words to him, and as sad as it was I have to say that I didn’t cry like I thought I would when I watched last episode. At least, Ace died happy…
For Luffy it must have been incredibly hard on him, though. Since One Piece started Yes, that’s a long way back, I know, Luffy has always been completely carefree and during intense moments when he saved his friends he always managed to save them in the end and no one ever died or even had wounds that couldn’t be healed completely. Luffy was always someone that managed to save the day, or a miracle always happened and everyone would live. This time however, he must have felt extremely powerless because for the first time in his life he couldn’t protect the person he wanted to protect, and so he entered some kind of shock state and can’t do anything else but laugh/cry. This is a really important turning point in the story.
I was always under the impression, since One Piece started, that it was impossible that someone would die completely, but this time Ace really died and that moment was really intense, since it was a very important character.
…I didn’t want badass Ace to die… 🙁

2 thoughts on “One Piece Episode 483: The First Death of the Series…

  1. O_O Okay seriously, what’s with Shonen and piercing their characters to have a huge hole in their chest? FIRST THIS, NOW EVERYONE’S GOING GOD-MODE! WHAT THE HELL!?! X_x;
    Other than that – ACEEEE! ;A;

  2. lmao I dunno, I guess it makes it look more dramatic… and it’s easier to draw (and slightly less disgusting) to do this than to show, for example, Ace’s skin being completely burnt off because Akainu burnt him… You know… It’s slightly more esthetically pleasing to see a hole :3

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