Beelzebub Episode 2: Atomic baby bomb

Oga has to take care of a baby that will destroy humankind when he grows up, and this week we learn that Baby Beel is even more of a pain in the ass to take care of than I thought at first which is pretty damn impressive. The baby is literally an atomic bomb when he cries. Yet, I can’t help but find him extremely cute.

Why is this baby still naked? I wish they'd give him clothes D: Poor lil' Baby Beel must be cold...

Hildegarde has infiltrated herself entered Oga’s house and presented herself to the family with the baby, and now everyone thinks of her as Oga’s girlfriend and they seem to find it OKAY that he came back with a kid that they think is his… You do know he’s still in high school… Right? We also learn that if he is more than 15 meters away from Oga the shockwaves sent by Beelzebub will be fatal to him.
I should also probably mention for other fangirls like me that OGA LOOKS FUCKING HOT!!!!!!!! *drools*

So basically the whole rest of the episode is just humouristic scenes involving Oga and that VEEEEEEEERY troublesome baby I attempted to make an acceptable summary but gave up after 5 mins because nothing much happens, hence why the first scene is explained in details and the rest is explained in one paragraph :3. The only thing that was really important was when Beelzebub received his favourite toy and in the end when Oga told the baby not to cry as much which I thought was reaaaaally awesome even if Oga’s motives were a tad suspicious.

Oh, and the last scene involving Oga and Beelzebub using once again their powers to own someone was pretty damn badass and cool.
Alright, well this week we got to know a little more about all the characters’ funny personalities. The plot was lacking (no surprise there), however the episode was absolutely hilarious and I couldn’t stop laughing from beginning ’till end.
First off, Baby Beel (I like that name, I think I’ll call him that from now on) is SO DAMN CUTE!!!!!! I’m a girl, you should expect cute baby rants First off, he makes cute baby sounds, then his eyes sparkle when he sees something amusing, and then he likes demonic and evil stuff? Cute.
Now that I’m done ranting about cute and evil babies, let’s move on to the humouristic side of the show. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
…Need I say more?
…Oh yeah, I do!!! Well, I do have an obsession with amazingly funny facial expressions, and this show has LOTS.
So basically, I laughed. End of show.
I seriously can’t say much about this episode. All I’m waiting for is for the actual plot to start and for some badass action to happen! I just know it’ll be badass and I’m really curious as to what’ll happen, however right now nothing is happening! This show’s got me hooked already and the story hasn’t even started yet -_-‘ This better be awesome!
…Oh well, at least I can laugh while I’m waiting *looks back at facial expressions pics* BWAHAHAHAHA!

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