The Modern Day Witch

Izayoi Aki, aka the Black Rose Witch duels and terrifies the audience with her psychic powers, defeating the Knight who was confident he was going to slay defeat her.
What way to kick off the episode with tensions between Yusei and Aki. Then we got this golden knight in shiny armor. It couldn’t have been more ironic with a knight wanting to slay a witch and society’s hatred and feat towards her. But seriously! DUDE WE ARE LIKE IN, WHAT ERA NOW? CERTAINLY NOT THE MEDIEVAL PERIOD!  I MEAN EVEN HIS DUEL DISK IS FREAKING SHIELD!!!!!!!!! But in the end, having an armor on probably helped reduce the amount of physical damage. O_O;
Izayoi Aki is one fascinating character. I loved how she handled the duel, and didn’t even flinch whenever she was attacked like most duelist do despite it being solid vision. It was rather interesting how she revealed the fact that she’s the Black Rose Witch on her own, surely without a doubt there wouldn’t have been a way to hide it anyways, especially since the Black Rose Dragon is her trump. It was also interesting how Yusei was confident that Aki was going to win, no matter how bad of a situation looked.

One of the things I absolutely loved during this duel was the soundtrack they used and how they had an eerie moment of dead silence. It really set the mood and tension. Moreover the crowd’s reaction and behavior towards her is no different than how in the past people who were considered or thought to be witches were treated like. I swear I was just waiting for someone to scream, “BURN THE WITCH!” – and I wasn’t going to consider that funny.

Another thing I found interesting is how Rua said that Aki’s deck felt like it was in pain. I am curious whether she means pain as in physically or emotionally. Someone who is called a witch, someone who is looked down by society because they are different and feared, I get the feeling Rua meant it as emotionally. Under that poker face, without a doubt Aki is having it tough.
The last piece that was played before the episode ended, if you want to hear it, it’s in Yu Gi Oh 5Ds Sound Duel 1, called: Ancient Times – it’s truly wonderful piece. Oh what the heck, get the OST, it’s amazing. Wall5 Project did a fantastic job.
Finally, the animation wasn’t that good – in fact it sucked. Not to mention there was lazy colorings and sequence involved. The character’s eyes were a bit um how do I say it, out of place? I can’t put my finger on the right word. Either way, I probably would have enjoyed this even more it were better.
PREVIEW: Oh come on, we don’t need to guess who’d win now do we?


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