Episode 2, where I come to have an odd tsundere attraction to Cecilia Alcott….

Episode start! The very first 10 seconds is just a recap, then the opening plays. Still hasn’t grown on my but you know, you do what you can. Then the real part of the episode begins and it’s explained that our lovable main character will be getting a personal IS- something that is a big deal. Cecilia here is the representative of the UK, and this apparently means she gets a personal one. Since the rep of a whole nations biggest perk seems to be school in Japan and a personal IS, I’m gonna say this might be important.

o hai I was right

It’s explained that only 467 IS macines exist in the world, and they were all produced by one individual. It actually leads to a small revelation: the woman who has created all the IS machine cores in the world is Houki’s sister.

Also Houki’s last name is Shinonono……say that 3 times fast XD Anyway everyone wants to know about Houki’s sister but she gets obviously pissed. So then the moe teacher goes on another lesson and then gets called cute.

But then after the lesson Ichika asks Houki to go to lunch with him, and several others, in order to keep the peace. I kind of like that Ichika is dumb but also smart enough to understand people. Which by the way, he’s really dumb. He doesn’t understand anything at this school and Houki kicked his ass easily.

Then there’s romance which is cute and all but I need something a little more to wash my brain of the curse of Wolverine..

s-so cute...can't...resist...

Oh wait, what’s this?! Ichika asks Houki to teach him about the IS, and she says nothing and is a bitch. THEN A CHALLENGER APPEARS!

Houki, hearing this, will not be having this shit and contradicts what she said 5 minutes ago. WELL I’M THE SISTER OF THE CHICK WHO MADE THE IS CORE, BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITCH!

I love Houki. One minute she’s an unbearable shounen tsundere cliche and then she’s all BEYATCH YOU BETTUH CHECK YUSELF BEFORE I WRECK YO FACE WITH MY CHOPSTICKS YAAAAO!!! But calmly. So it’s like she’s Batman, Batman with awesome hair and great boobs.

She knows who won.

So Houki proceeds to whip the shit out of Ichika and demands to know why he is a weak ass motherfucker. Actually there’s a pretty funny scene regarding this but it’s not funny if I mock it. So instead I’ll mock Ichika’s strength. Even school girls with pig tails and glasses think you’re a pussy, ichika!

To be honest I kind of like it. I love that Ichika is weak because he is a lazy stupid idiot and the only way he’ll become THE CHOSEN ONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNE!!!! is through learning. Hurrah for no god moding (I’m lookin at you, KIRA FROM GUNDAM SEED) Anyway more romantic stuff happens. Bladiblah Then YES FINALLY MECH TIME! And a non 3d moment appears and Ichika’s IS Byakku Shiki is here……………….YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!

why is he NOT AS EXCITED AS I AM?!

But then he gets all…SUPER MAGICAL ROBOT AND BOY time and becomes one with the machine…..mostly metaphorically. And then Cecilia is all blah blah tsundere I like kittens surrender to my amazing figure.

in fact, I’m not really over how hot Cecilia looks right now so let’s focus on that again for a sec

mmmm *smells cecilia''s hair*.....you sure are pretty darlin'

Then there is a really intense battle scene. I really like the music and it’s so fast paced and really cool, and finally leads you to believe Ichika might just be a competent hero instead of a raging dumbass. Also his sister is hot:

Well the fight gets awesome and honestly too fast paced and cool for me to even want to screencap it, but Cecilia wins because of a technicality. Ichika realizes that her IS, blue tears, has 4 long ranged attacking weapons, and is even able to spot how they function and how Cecilia uses these functions. She catches him off guard with hidden missile launchers and it’s revealed he hasn’t even switched his IS from it’s initial settings, and he goes in for the kill only to have his shield energy reach 0 and the match to be called in Cecilia’s favor since he has dealt a shield void blow.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! We now know why Ichika will be the ONE TRUE HERO OF DESTINY WHO SAVES THE LIVES OF ALL THOSE WHO TOUCH HIM, THE ONE AND ONLY SAVIOR OF ALL MANKIND- His IS is a defective piece of crap that isn’t finished. Cecilia becomes Class Representative due to this and Houki suggests that Ichika MOTHER FUCKIN TRAIN but then does her shy tsundere sideways look so it’s coo. Then she’s like YOU WANT ME TO TRAIN YOU RIGHT?

kawaaii desuuu neee, or something

Meanwhile Cecilia is in crisis, feeling awful despite that she won. So this is a cue she’s not an irredeemable hoe bag, she has honor and pride and just thinks highly of herself. CONFIDENCE KUN! Last line of the show, she says Ichika’s name. OOOOOOOOOOH HEEEEEEEEEEEELLLL I see where thiiis is headed 😀


Anyway it seems they realized this was finally a harem and made the ending Cecilia, Houki, and Ichika running together. Hurray! I like Cecilia and now that IS battles are here, and even the first was entertaining, I’m excited. See you in two weeks for me, and look forward to Zero’s post next week!