Wolverine 1 [First Impression]

A first look into Wolverine, which really doesn’t appeal to me as much as I thought it would.

Woo! So here’s Wolverine. I’m a big comic book fangirl when I can get my hands on them and I’ve always loved the art style. Wolverine is just badass too, so most people really like him as long as they like X Men…and a lot of people like him even though they hate a lot of the X Men directions. Already I’m a little offput by Logan’s first introduction being with a woman. The best part about him I thought was when he found romance later and was better for it, in a sense. It made it interesting. Right now I’m going who the fuck is Wolverine and wh-


Oh okay! That’s cool! As long as there is a good amount of action then I’ll be cool.

Okay so….I’m just gonna come out and say it. This is boring. The introduction is a man in a suit being attacked by a group of invisible ninjas or whatever. Logan throws a beer at one of them, YES A BEER, and then a fight commences and he makes comments about his friend in a suit ‘trying to score’ and it’s lame.

Then he kills people and smells them and kills the other invisible ones and blah blah but then he claw scrapes his way down a building and catches a beer in his hand. That’s pretty cool and stuff.

Then there’s exposition and it turns out the dude in a suit wants to tell Wolverine where the chick from earlier is. I don’t care! I want to see Wolverine stab people and then be like ‘whatevs I’m Wolverine’ not pang for some chick named Mariko. Well there’s this mob gang whatever in Japan and they have Mariko! Because one of their most bad ass swordsmen is her father. Woops. And in a completely uncharacteristic moment Wolverine seems to doubt himself, where normal Wolverine would be like fuck you guys I don’t care.

Blaaah…blaaah….And then there’s an explanation about a lawless city state criminals made on an island called Madripoor and Wolverine’s gonna go there and he’s gonna freak about Mariko and fight a lot of guys and NOTHING WILL STAND IN HIS WAY! NOTHING! HE WILL FEAST ON THE BLOOD OF MANY TO HAVE HIS GIRL BACK HOME! FEASSTTT Actually he’s going to Tokyo but whatever.


Man this is just gank. Honestly it’s like Japanese Romeo and Juliet and that isn’t Wolverine. So it’s like Romeo is a badass action hero and Juliet is a poor princess held captive by her treacherous father and Romeo’s parents died in a fire or something. So it’s like fanfiction, plus romeo and juliet, plus japan, plus seriously I’m not making this up. Mariko is going to be traded into marriage for the illegal crime island’s security and WOLVERINE IS SO UPSET BY THIS! I can’t even really make fun of it. He fights people, he needs to go save Mariko, he fights people, and he whines about Mariko….I can’t get into this man. The Wolverine I grew up with is not this guy.

If anime about guys saving the girl they love is for you, then watch this if you’ve never seen or heard about Wolverine from X-MEN. You’ll like it. The art’s decent and it’s fun and stuff but…..I just couldn’t do it. I’m just going to say this will be my last review on Wolverine.

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  1. God forbid Logan be portrayed in his home nation of CANADA, and not in some cliche american city. Yeah, the obscure reference with the beer was enlightening to the Japanese audience I bet.
    What is it with Japanese Anime? Is the world one big ocean with Japan and the US popping out of it?
    Talk about wearing blinders and propagating ignorance…

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