I wouldn't trust this dragon if I were you...

The psychological battle continues with Ruka’s consciousness in the spirit world. She hears a voice calling out to her. A flashback starts when she discovers a fossilized dragon. It turns out she has made a promise with the dragon to protect their world. Soon Professor Frank gets pulled into the spirit world. The only way she out of the spirit world the first time was thanks to Rua calling her. Once more Rua plays a role by communicating with her from reality where he too is unconscious. Ruka starts to get serious after being told by Rua to focus on protecting the spirit world while he protects her in theirs. She finally defeats to wacko psychologist only to end the match with a tie since she also lost her life points.


This turned into a real interesting episode. Forget the whole clichéd idea with ‘Protecting the Spirit World!’, the psychological battle is what made this so interesting. Ruka also took a huge risk by protecting her spirits. Without her Reverse card, she wouldn’t have been able to wipe the professor out, unfortunately – along with herself. Also this episode confirmed (not like it wasn’t already *POINTS TO OP SEQUENCE*) that Ruka is a signer.
About Ancient Fairy Dragon, rather than her being all so sweet and kind, oh so motherly – I find her very cunning. I mean think about it, she dragged little Ruka into that world, asked her to protect them and remain in that world for all eternity – I mean come on, that’s taking advantage of a little kid don’t you think? They don’t know better!!! If it weren’t for Rua, Ruka might’ve been stuck there forever!!!! I found it even more interesting that someone else has Ancient Fairy Dragon in their possession. Some people may have thought that by the end of this battle, or during it – Ruka would have received Ancient Fairy Dragon’s card. Thanks to that, it gives us something to look forward to in the future, and questioning how will Ruka get it back.

Then we got that psyhcho assasin who was like going even more insane than he already was in the last episode, laughing hysterically at the idea of the spirits suffering the world being destroyed – in short, that guy is messed up, end of story.
Oh yeah before I forget, I must say that Ruka’s battle theme music is totally awesome! It makes me bob my head every time! I just love it! If you love it too, it’s called Spirit. FANTASTIC piece.
Preview: Oh boy, Rua is up to no good!


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