And so the mystery continues…Raoul was assassinated by the village mayor!!! Well, the mayor thought it was a wolf… but still.

Anyways, Victorique and Kujo are talking to Ambrose, who decides to mention that he was great friends with Brian Roscoe when he was young. No more need for details, except for this:

I don't think I need to make my arrow bigger than that in order for you to understand that THIS GUY IS FREAKIN' FAMILIAR!

Anyways, after mentioning this, Victorique states that she has figured out what happened and she has proof of it… Okay…? I guess… For once, I seriously don’t understand how she knows who the culprit is and she lost me. The 3 of them end up going to the church, where they finally find the culprit… DEREK BANKS! Hm, I actually didn’t expect that one 🙂. Victorique once again explains her awesome reasoning, while Weirddudewithweirdhair shows up and arrests him And so I repeat Kujo’s words, less diplomatically: WTF is he doing here?. He tries to bring him out, however the village elder turns around and states “I AM A TYRANT THAT RULES OVER THIS COUNTRY AND I CAN KILL OFF EVERYONE FOR MY OWN SATISFACTION AS MUCH AS I WANT TO” that he is the King of the country, and he should be the one to judge Derek.

After we are back inside, we learn that Weirddudewithweirdhair used the fake nun to watch over Victorique, and after a short conversation Victorique decides to go and hunt down the second culprit, the one that made her mom look like she killed someone when she didn’t She says so with an extremely intense look on her face, too. There’s a scene change, and during Derek’s supposed execution Kujo becomes the dead for a minute or so, then makes Harminia the crazy looking maid who has a demented look on her face admit the crime she has committed. After her arrest she suddenly goes crazy because she was told she was going to die and didn’t want to, then Ambrose helps her run away and she thanks him in the AHEMbest way possible by BURNING THE VILLAGE TO THE GROUUUUUND I’m telling you, this girl not only looks like a maniac, she freakin’ is O_O. To continue extending her thanks to Ambrose, she’s about to burn the only bridge leading out of the village when Kujo and Victorique decide to be cool and to stop her Yeah, that’s right, you 2, heroes are always more awesome than demented maniacs who like burning stuff… Although I’d kinda like to burn stuff sometimes… Ok, I’ll shut up. After an epic fight where Kujo becomes manly once again for his lovely Victorique, Ambrose finally attacks Harminia, making her fall down the bridge he was thanked much more than enough and had to be more generous, what can I say?. After spending so long to save it, the bridge still collapses and Kujo is about to fall when *gasp* he is caught by Victorique and this time she’s the one who saves him.

The scene then changes and we witness 2 very very very very familiar silhouettes looking at them from afar, discussing Cordellia’s newly acquired “innocence”. Afterwards, Victorique and the gang are waiting and discussing at the train station, and then a really cute and kinda funny scene occurs between Kujo and Victorique that I once again don’t feel like explaining because I would totally ruin it.



WOAAAAH, this episode had EVERYTHING in it! It was mysterious, action-packed, kinda romantic and the end gave us so much suspense!!!!!! I loved it :).

Alright, well if I recall, I remember saying beforehand that the mysteries were a tad predictable. This one? Woah, there was a lot of things I thought I knew but then didn’t. I mean, I had guessed a little about the maid’s implication in the first murder, but then again I thought it more likely for the murderer to be the village elder rather than it being her! Heck, I suspected Ambrose, too… That’s when the show decided to turn everything around and go “surpriiiiise! You we’re totally WRONG.” At least my pride wasn’t affected by how wrong I was and I was actually quite impressed.

I also never thought Cordellia would still be alive, THAT one completely threw me off… *Upon seeing episode 6, which explains Cordellia’s story* It turns out Victorique never mentions that her mom died, so I mean it was always possible that she’d lived… But it was still pretty damn surprising, especially since she was hanging out with that suspicious magician dude who’s name we now pretty much know is Brian Roscoe! Anyways, all this to say that this was a really cool way to leave us hanging, and I’m really curious to see what the next mystery will be like!

I enjoyed seeing once again Kujo’s manly personality, I have to admit, at first my feminist side kinda made me dislike it, but now I actually enjoy when he turns around and decides to protect Victorique ‘Tis cuuuuute. Victorique’s mannerisms were, once more, awesome and I only want to watch more of this! That last little part where she was hiding her hands and pretending they didn’t hurt was reaaaally adorable I love this girl!

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  1. ryvrdrgn14

    I also liked the episode more than usual. Perhaps my only peeve would be a rather… out-of-place(?) moment near the end where (after all that bravado talk about protecting Victorique) the bridge fell underneath Kujo and he goes into semi-emo give-up-on-life mode.
    For me it felt like it took way to look to get out of that slump which seems to have been caused by nothing. He wasn’t hit by anything but gave up and fainted as he was falling. Perhaps he was tired or something and he was injured, but it really just felt out of place for me.
    Maybe it just shows that he doesn’t value himself much and that while he is willing to protect others, he will easily give up on taking care of himself. o_o;

    1. Myst

      I hadn’t really paid attention to that, but now that you mention it, that’s true :/. Yeah, Kujo seems like the king of guy who would care much more about others than himself, I mean he’s always willing to sacrifice himself for Victorique and stuff… Hopefully later on he’ll realize how important his life actually is, and stop being emo :D.

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