Hellsing Ultimate OVA Episode 1 [First Impression]: Welcome to the World of GORE AND KILLING

Yes, that’s right, you read the title properly. Hellsing Ultimate is finally getting its place among the Angryanimebitches blog (I didn’t have time for it before sad face) Please welcome the pure greatness of a horrific, disgusting, gory yet terribly badass show about vampires into our blog.

*Please Note: This screencap will be re-used for every single episode, for the simple reason that I do not want to be blamed for occasional barfing and/or being traumatized. If you click "Read more" it becomes your problem.*

Alright, so I know there was a TV adaptation of this OVA beforehand that lasted 13 episode (Simply called “Hellsing), however due to the TV series catching up to the manga, the story ended up being completely non-sensical and the ending didn’t flow very well in other words, let’s just say the ending SUCKED. The producers however had the great idea to start the project again, this time as an OVA, since it provided many more advantages for them: No 23-minute constraint, better quality, no deadline constraint and no kids-might-find-it-accidentally-while-watching-TV constraint. With these thoughts in mind, let us start the first episode of this great OVA series.
Alright, so it doesn’t take long before we meet the first main character of this, Integral Fairbook Wingates Hellsing, nicknamed Integra thank god she has a nickname…. She is still a little kid and running away from a bad guy it’s her creepy uncle who wants to be head of a company who is out looking for her in her own house, so she hides in the ventilation system and reaches a dark room where a dark silhouette is on the floor. As her uncle catches up to her and is about to kill her, blood reaches the dark silhouette and suddenly it becomes alive, as it drinks the blood on the floor and then we can imagine that it kills everything considering it has a very psychotic but badass look on its face.
Hai 🙂

The scene changes and we are now a couple of years later, in a small village currently being invaded by a vampire. Now, one vampire doesn’t sound too bad I mean it’s a pain in the ass to get rid of, but he’s alone, however this vampire has the ability to create ghouls out of the people he eats Ok, now I dunno about you, but to me these things look pretty much like zombies with a different name…
So basically, the town is being completely invaded. After a quick glance at our main protagonist to be presented later, we meet Integra again, who is now president of the Hellsing organization and fights those vampires and ghouls. She has sent out her elite man in order to take care of the problem, Alucard, a vampire himself it’s the dark silhouette with the psychotic look from before, except he looks incredibly more badass and psychotic. We meet once again our main protagonist, Seras Victoria, who is about to be raped by the vampire and then transformed into a ghoul. Alucard saves her by shooting through her lung (and at the same time shooting the vampire in the heart) and transforming her into a vampire afterwards Oh yeah I forgot to mention that he kills everything beforehand by himself with a gun that makes holes the size of a basketball… Sweet So now the enemy vampire is dead and the introduction is done.
You should know by now that laughing like a maniac always makes your opponent come back to life.

…Yes, it was quite a long introduction, however what can I say, this episode lasts 50 minutes and these were important scenes right there!
So anyways, Seras is now in the house of Integra, in other words the headquarters of the Royal Order of Protestant Knights I’ll just say Hellsing from now on…. She’s told that she will now fight for Hellsing thanks for asking first and then she and Alucard are sent to hunt down 2 vampires on the loose. Basically Alucard owns the first one in an extremely sadistic way it is very enjoyable to watch, then as the second vampire runs away Seras is told that she has special powers now that she’s a vampire and manages to shoot the girl in the heart, in darkness, while she is around 600 meters away and with no scope Epic own. After this attack, we learn by Integra that there are too many vampire attacks, thrown at random, as if they were experiments.
The scene changes to a happy scene where a man is talking to children. It turns out this man is a Catholic Oh noes! A rival to the Protestants? And he has a talk with another man about the suspicious vampire actions in England. After some time, it is decided that the man will go to Ireland to take care of the next vampire incident (In their heads, since Ireland is a Catholic country it is their right to go and take care of it, not Hellsing but this time you’re in the wrong. Psh!).
We are now in Ireland in another building being invaded by a vampire and ghouls, where Alucard is once again enjoying way too much his job, whereas Seras manages to convince herself that ghouls are just puppets and that it’s okay to shoot them It seems to work fairly well because after a while she has the same psychotic look as Alucard. She is about to drink human blood when suddenly she get stabbed by blessed bayonets. It is the Catholic man!In the story he’s called Alexander Anderson and he’s actually part of the Iscariot organization, an organization from the Vatican Anyways, him and Alucard are fighting intensively and it is once again believed that Alucard dies, however Alucard can’t die Anderson laughed like a maniac, that’s why and instead he tries to convince Seras to drink his blood, however Integra appears before the new vampire can consider anything and saves the day by breaking up the fight and meanwhile Alucard gets revived and scares the hell out of Paladin dude. Then follows a conversation about Seras and why Alucard transformed her, and apparently it was sentimentality 😮 No way. Seras, who hasn’t drunk the blood, apparently doesn’t want to because she feels she will lose something. The last scene involves the suspicious bad guy who will create the whole plot however he’s still unknown right now as he talks about war there’s not really any way to elaborate… That’s exactly what he does XD.
Alright well this can’t really be called a first impression because it’s my third or fourth time watching this, but this just goes to show how much this show OWNS and I don’t need to give much more of an explanation.
Now, on to the impression. To start off in randomness, let me first mention that Integra looks like a guy. She always does and always will, and seriously, they could have at least given her boobs or something, you know, something to make her look like a girl. Also, her name is waaaay too long and for them to repeat it more than once is a little bit useless, but anyways, let’s forget about the small and pretty much insignificant details.
Looking at the overall style of the show, everything’s great. Tons of gore, tons of blood and lots of horrific and disgusting stuff. Don’t you just love it? Moreover, Alucard is TOTALLY badass and I love it when he kills people, because he’s totally sadistic and just plain loooooves to kill people. Seras seems to have more of a discrete personality, however the fact that she doesn’t drink human blood will probably make up part of the plot and makes her much more interesting. The speed at which she takes everything in is a tad suspicious, but then again, she is a cop and so she needs to have a little bit of a strong character. I like how she’s not afraid and she’s not the shy-type, either Now of course if I was a guy or Oki I’d probably talk about the immense rack she has attached to her chest, but I’m not so I’ll just overlook it.

The quality for this show is top notch, which makes the gore scenes even more graphic and disgusting which I love. I also really like the art drawn for the characters, especially Alucard, when he’s a psychotic maniac, he really looks like a psychotic maniac and it just totally adds to his badassness.

Awww, now isn't that romantic!


Oh yeah, by the way, funny how I just seriously noticed after the fourth time, but isn’t this getting a little confusing for people who only watch this for the first time? Alright, so we’ve established that Alucard and Seras are vampires. But, of course, they can’t just call them vampires because that would be way too simple. Not only are they vampires, they’re Freaks, Nosferatus, Midians, Monsters, Heretics Yes, I really noted them all down. WTF!? I swear, when they added Ghouls in there I was also getting a little bit confused, although Ghouls aren’t vampires at all.
The guy we saw in the last scene is obviously the bad guy… Hm, now I wonder who he is… glares His talk about war kinda scares me Funny how I watch Alucard kill tons of people and I just laugh, and now some random dude says 3 lines about war and I’m scared…

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