So not much has changed since I was gone. Except girls dressing as boys, girls dressing as fancy ladies in robot overalls, and CECILIA ALCOTT REMAINING MOE!!! <33

W0uld it be creepy if I keep pretending to smell her hair? Because I don’t really…care…..mmmmm…you smell like cutesy british girl…mmmm

Blah blah. The entire first section is devoted to everyone’s misconstruing of Houki’s statement to Ichika- she declared if she won he’d go out with her! But then everyone took it as a school wide rule and so it’s become a rumor. This DOES NOT PLEASE HOUKI! And she has an emo flashback about losing everything, including her kendo championship, because of her sisters announcement about the creation of IS. But then she goes on a love serenade about how she kept up her kendo because it kept her close to Ichika in her heart. Baw.

So Houki goes off to angst and then Cecilia and Ichika’s loli childhood friend who I SERIOUSLY CAN NEVER REMEMBER THE NAME OF BECAUSE LOLI IS NOT MY THING get all up in each otha’s grills and are like LETS FIGHT TO SEE WHO IS MO BADASS and then…Laura…oh Laura, my Laura…the girl in this series who is not relevant because of sexuality. She’s relevant because she’s freakin KICKASS OOOOH YEAAAH!!! comes all in and is like HEY BITCHES WASSUP!?  And then pisses both of them off in like 30 seconds and they go at her.

So Laura beats the shit out of them. No joke, Ichika even breaks the barrier of the arena to stop her from outright killing them. Have an array of badass pictures!

Then in a feat of SHEER BADASSERY Ichika’s sister stops Laura’s merciless assault WITH A FUCKIN’ SWORD. Not even an Is. A SWWWOOOORDD!!!!  

Then the rest of the episode is cutesy moments between Ichika and Charles. Blah blah, Charles is awesome. Then in a moment of ultimate lulz I can only interpret it that Ichika sees Charles without panties on and I can’t really explain it any other way because he’s holding them and they both end up screaming. Charles and Houki are pretty much my top picks for Ichika, as Houki knew him and he had different feelings for her than he did Rin. Which shows he had interest in her that wasn’t just friendship. And he has more intimate moments with Charles and is very kind to her, I really like both of the pairings. If one of them ends up ‘canonz’ I’ll be happy. But not if either Charles or Houki completely get the shaft. I personally feel Cecilia might be my favorite, but now only if she’s paired with Rin. I want them to be BFFs. GAH I LOVE ALL THESE CHARACTERS HAVE SOME SCREENSHOTS

But then! In a twist that was very badly conveyed because of numbers, I assume what’s happening is that Houki AND LAUUURAAA!!! Will be fighting against Ichika and Charles! That’s delicious. I think Laura’s going to rape Ichika into submission which will be default mean Houki gets to be all up in his grill. But I’m actually very excited. I really want to see the fight scenes, as this weeks fights were really good and the action has been on a steady increase.

Anyway, this week was romantic as well as actiony, and has established me a new yuri OTP…but on a serious note, the anime is finally getting my mind off ecchi and onto cute relationships and fighting. I now know this series will mean something to me because many great animes make me go BOOBIES! But it’s making the important grade now. And the animation has remained very impressive! So stay tuned for next week when Zero make more fun of me >_> NO WAIT THE WEEK AFTER NEXT. You have to put up with me for..TWO WEEKS!!!