This is the best episode of Infinite Stratos so far and it cements my love of this show in stone. I will remember this as the episode IS started to get good at, and if it gets even better, the moment it distinguished itself as an above average anime.

Before we move onto the plot I’d like to mention that this pairing is adorable and for some reason…I can’t…unsee it


Okay so the entire first half of this is a really intense fight scene.  They didn’t totally spam the 3d models but you can still tell they were there, which bugs me. Anywho Houki gets bitchfought out of the battle really early so the entire battle is Laura v Charles and Ichika…which is some intense shit.


Anyway Charles and Ichika figure out Laura’s weakness after some battle shit happens and they manage to corner her, and as she’s about to be defeated she has a FLASHBAAACK!!! and big super development occurs in which Laura reveals she is a failed genetically enhanced soldier who was perfect until Is was created. Then she inserted nanomachines into her body in order to keep up and her body reacted badly, causing one of her eyes to be….unattractive or something. Because she seems to be able to use it for WICKED AWESOME MAGICAL SHIT anyway then she goes crazy.

And THEN she beats Ichika’s ass and then he does the most stupid thing I’ve seen him do and it’s fucking Ichika that’s a big deal. So then GIANT FUCKING SHE HULK CRAZY LAURA comes at him and he’s like SHE HAS MY SISTER’S TECHNIQUES! GET OUT OF MY HEAD! SHE’S MOCKING ME! FUCK THIS BITCH! Houki then intervenes (which, she’s becoming the underdog even though she had the lead…I love…the underdog…starting to ship it so hard) and in a really emotional scene she is told she has to step back by him and she asks him not to die, blah, blah, and then it’s raining and he chased away the monster who killed his mo- oh wrong anime. ANYWAY so Charles gives him some power and with just a fucking sword he takes down the bitch who pwned him before and Laura falls out and has a sexy moment. Oh and Ichika’s sister trained Laura so she has an intense thing for her and shit

Then Laura questions her own existence, and Ichika’s sister visits her. Then Charles comes to see Ichika and decides to JOIN HIS HAREM or rather, asks him to call her Charlotte and he does in a sweet moment. Jesus Houki and Charlotte are in the lead something fierce here…also I love the name Charlotte. I CAN’T DECIDE but if Charlotte becomes catty towards Houki because she thinks she’s winning I will like her less because that is so TYPICAL

Then! Charlotte decides to unveil herself at school and Rin tries to attack Ichika for bathing with a girl! out of jealousy no doubt, but then Laura intervenes and…kisses Ichika! And everyone’s reactions are hilarious. TRUST ME. IF YOU READ MY REVIEWS YOU WILL SEE, ALL OF THESE FACES, AGAIN1!!!!

This episode had EVERYTHING! It had romance, it had fights, it had development, it had PRETTY FUCKING ART! It was a harem but meaningful, and I can’t decide if Ichika is really interested in Charlotte and conflicted or what I NEED TO KNOW HOW HE FEELS ABOUT ALL THESE GIRLS PLEASE DONT TOY WITH THEM ANYWAY Laura is cute and Cecilia and Rin were adorable, and also I LOVE HOUKI I want good things to happen to her and I seriously want to see her personal IS! she HAS TO GET ONE I KNOW SHE WILL JKGHKJGFH I WANT TO KNOW WHAT IT WILL LOOK LIKE


Oki out

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  1. Funk

    Awww you left out the shopping trip picture, and the subs I got had wife instead of husband o.o

    1. Oki

      o.o lmao Ichika’s gonna be Laura’s wife. …THIS SOMEHOW IS BETTER

      1. Funk

        Yes Yes it is.

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