A new transfer student arrives at the IS academy, his name is Charles Dunois. He is a male pilot coming directly from France. But he seems to have some odd secret he is trying to hide from everyone.


I was not sure if I would like this show when it was first announced, but now I have no doubt left, this show is quite interesting.

The episode starts with the announcement from the teacher that Ichika and Houki will no longer be roommate, solving the problem of two teenagers of opposite sex living in the same room. It was then later revealed in class that a new student arrived at school, a young man who goes by the name Charles Dunois. The young man is a transfer student from France and he DOESN’T LOOK LIKE A GIRL AT ALL.

I mean there are NO OBVIOUS CLUE THAT IT MIGHT BE A GIRL IN DISGUISE. he is obviously a men, men. A guy who fights bears with his bear hands (that’s not a typo, a real man replace his arms with bears).

So now Charle and Ichika are partnered up in just about everything they do at school. But Charles seems to be a little self-conscious, I REALLY WONDER WHY.

that GUY look so at ease around other shirtless man

Throughout the whole show, Houki, Cecilia and Rin are fighting for Ichika yet again. It seems like a never-ending cycle of harem. Now this love triangle doesn’t interest me all that much, I want Houki to win right now, that girl is my favorite. But Ichika is so naive and clueless that even if Houki tells her she wants to go out with him, even if she was to get naked with a sign that said fuck me,  Ichika would still be confused and unaware of what she wants.

In the episode Rin and Cecilia are fighting together to defeat their class instructor Maya, but when Maya is making her approach towards the student she crashes violently on Ichika. The result is Ichika’s hand landing straight on Maya’s boobs.

U-Hum indeed

The assistant teacher didn’t seemed to mind, but Cecilia and Rin sure looked furious. They used that rage to fuel their battle against . But Maya even if it didn’t look like it, was actually quite the strong opponent. She easily defeated the both of them without hardly any efforts whatsoever.

That’s about all that happened in this episode, oh no right, there’s also this serial killer girl coming straight from germany that seems to want to hit on Ichika, but contrarily to all the other girl at the school, she wants to hit him in the proper sense of the term.

She doesn't look too friendly

Things I liked about this episode:

  • Maya was hot,  I’m not sure why, she just was


This episode was quite entertaining, Infinite Stratos might not be the greatest anime of all time, but it sure doesn’t suck. It’s a great way to waste time and enjoy a relaxing moment of pure anime fun.

Until next episode where Charles secret will be revealed ( I WONDER WHAT IT COULD BE) and we’ll see more about that Dutch serial killer. Until then, stay in front of your computer and watch this blog until your eyes falls down.

ZeroG signing off

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  1. Funk

    I like Maya’s IS, despite being a mass produced version, it packs a big punch, it would seem.

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