Level E, Episode 5: Baka's level of idiocy is over 9000

TRANSLATION: Hello children you are my next victims for my new game, thanks!

Prince Baka chooses a group of children in elementary to mess around with. He kidnaps them and declares that they are to become Color Rangers and protect Earth’s peace. He attaches a wristband to each and every one of them, freaking them out Only one boy of the group, Akagawa is actually potientially interested in the whole concept of being a super hero. The others however really don’t want to take part in it, and would rather do something. Anyhow so Akagawa who was very excited about the whole super power thing transform at school where his special goggles reveals that their teacher is actually an alien.

The teacher who realizes this asks them to stay after school to talk, of course the children are terrified that they might be killed. Instead they are surprised that she asks where did they get the ‘toys’ in which were the wristbands. One of the boys explains to her that they got it from the Prince of Dogur . The teacher starts laughing and tells them that he is known for purposely making people’s life miserable so that he can prevent them from being bored (twisted logic indeed).

After she leaves, the children yell at Baka asking him how to get the wristbands off. The prince tells them that since the situation has changed, where as they must defeat a villain boss, the prince himself but- in order to obtain the key to getting rid of their wristbands they must defeat his loyal servant, Captain Craft. Baka gives them a heads up that they must level up in order to defeat him.

Excellent question!

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! OMFG, *APPLAUSE* ONCE AGAIN, THE PRINCE IS CREATING PROBLEMS ON EARTH CHOOSING RANDOM HUMANS AS HIS VICTIMS AND NOT TO MENTION, CAPTAIN CRAFT AS WELL. I died laughing when Baka was suggesting different kind of weapons, from kitchen knives to nuclear missiles and the children’s reaction to it. Moreover how the teacher kept on going on about, ‘toy’ because while the kids weren’t aware of it, she knew it was nothing special to begin with, just wondered how the hell did they get it.
I’m rather surprised how this is going to be a two part story, I do wonder if we’re every going to see Yukitaka and Miho again, by the look of it, not any time soon. With Prince Baka (yes I am calling him that) as the main character, it’s only normal to follow up on his adventures of making people’s lives miserable and that’s why we love this show.
Because again, this episode is something I can’t really describe using words, it’s going to remain short. However there’s one point that I absolutely love about this show so far is that from what seen, we’re given another POV of what aliens could potentially behave like. You know how some people claim aliens are evil and will try to wipe out humanity or something – rather than looking at them in such a negative manner this show really gives something we don’t get to see alot now days where as presenting aliens in a more positive image. I mean really? Why do people so pessimistic about these things? While yes it’s only normal to consider worst case scenario, is it really that difficult and so bad to consider the more positive possibilities?


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