Level E, Episode 6: THE WORLD OF RPG


The kids go off to hunt down Captain Kraft to optain the key. When they get there, the captain realizes the situation and speaks out loud as the villain but types his true intentions on his laptop explaining that the Prince is listening to them. They pretend that they fight and Kraft hands them the key – only they have no idea how to use it, nor does he. He calls up his partners who were off hunting bugs to come back where as they explain how to use it only to realize that Baka put up a password. They then suggest for a password hint saying name the girl that they like. Only three of the boys got their wristbands off while the other two, Momochi who couldn’t remember the last name one of the many girls he liked which prevented him from getting the correct password as for Akagawa stubbornly refused to do so because he loved the toy so much. The next day they all learn that not one of them threw away the wristband, and just as Akagawa ran into the classroom they suddenly found themselves in an RPG world. Forced to go along with it, they head to town where they ended up triggering an event where as they need to head to the castle but before then needs to fight the Evil Demon Lord. Realizing that they are probably too low level to stand a chance, the group goes out to train and as they do so they enjoy their toy more than ever.
While it was entertaining I certainly didn’t laugh as much as I usual do, and found myself slightly bored. I also cringed at the absolute hideous digital animation of the RPG monsters, honestly I really didn’t want to see more of it since the puppets in episode 1. I wish they made it more, bearable to look at if you get what I mean.
It’s funny how the kids went from hating the wristbands to loving them and enjoying what they can do with it. Heck, finding yourself in an RPG world isn’t completely a bad thing, especially when you can have a blast doing so only if you know you can get back home when you want to (in this case, that isn’t quite it). One of the things that caught my attention was that the kids are probably going to get into trouble by their parents after they ate done all this because currently they are supposedly on an RPG planet several million light years away from Earth. However I somehow doubt this is really the case because one of the desks cracked in the classroom just after Red attacked the monster, so perhaps they are just in another dimension where as when they do come out, their classroom – or even their school will be terribly vandalized.
I also got a feeling that their teacher will somehow be pulled into this game just because she has an experience being an assassin.If not, Prince Baka may even drag that girl (Itoi Rina) who he was looking at earlier after Shimizu announced it in order to unlock the bracelet. The girl might end up as “Princess Peach” for this RPG. Next thing I wanted to mention, the kid’s levels.

Now, remember this back from the last episode?


Prince Baka Level 99

Clearly Prince Baka’s level is much higher, so they will not be able to defeat him unless they level up while fighting the Demon Lord’s invasion. The only one who I see may have the best hope is Mayuzumi who shockingly leveled up faster than the others probably due to having a better understanding and more knowledge about RPG since he’s a gamer – other than the fact he transformed at home several times.
And that’s all I got to say this week. Hopefully this mini arc will meet its conclusion next episode.


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