Kore wa Zombie desu ka? episode 6: Kyoko’s One Thousand and One Deaths


Eucliwood arrives to save Aikawa, Sera and Haruna from Kyoko devilish power. The necromancer powers are for the first time revealed, and they are terrifyingly powerful.


Alright so now is the time where we will finally see Eucliwood Hellscythe true powers. Our favorite mute necromancer in armor is heading to the rescue of her friends and her zombie servant. She is so magically powerful that Kyoko can’t land a single spell near her. Everything Kyoko tries end up to be a waste of her time. Oh but what is this, Hellscythe is taking up the masou-shoujo chain saw and she is transforming into a pretty lolli? Awww never mind she kept her armor on…

I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky

Anyway now Aikawa finally realize something, every magic in this world always accumulate on the strongest magic user. This is why Aikawa stole Haruna’s magic, since he is the necromancers creation, his magic was superior to Haruna’s magical power.

But now Hellscythe is all dressed up and ready to kick some ass, what power will she uses I wonder? Kyoko didn’t wait to find out, she was busy being emo and auto-mutilating her own body in order to increases her attack power. But even with 3 times their original power, her spells can’t touch Hellscythe, that necromancer is Mc Hammer.

Eucliwood grew tired of getting shot pity fireball at her, so she decided to use her ultimate weapon…her words!

Have you ever heard the expression “If words could kill”, well her words sure do kill. All she has to do is say die, and everything that hears it dies. That’s kind of powerful, I understand why she doesn’t like to speak so much.

So she proceeds to kill Kyoko about a hundreds time  by saying “die”. Kyoko, eventually figuring out that she wouldn’t win by dying, decides to destroy her eardrums, leaving her invulnerable to the necromancer power.

I told the bitches to die, Bitches loves to die

Using this window of opportunity she transform herself into a living bomb and explodes in Hellscythe arms. The necromancer finally fall, without a scratch, but still unconscious.

Haruna, Aikawa and Sera decides that it might be a good time to come into the fight and so the run in and get completely owned just before Kyoko Seppuku’ed. That girls looks like she enjoys dying.

Anyway by doing so she had her body restored, and she was once again ready to kill stuff. Aikawa was starting to get tired of those little game, and so he proceeded to take Haruna’s Chain Saw and turn himself into a beautiful masou-shoujo again ! But this time he doesn’t do any upskirt kick or other revealing combo attack, instead he goes straight on, taking any and all of Kyoko’s magic, he just doesn’t care anymore, he’s immortal after all. He proceed to eventually reach her and proceeds to slice her up, than again, and again and again and again. This scene is wonderful, you can see the bloody night sky and hear the scream of an insane young girl being chopped down to pieces, again and again, until her very last life. She then proceeds to beg for her life and cry like if she was about to die, oh wait, she must likely will.

That's what I call a low blow

Aikawa than proceed to generate a punch so powerful that the shockwave might have been felt in South Korea. but he didn’t kill Kyoko, he simply scared her to death. He was stupid enough to keep the girl alive.

Dai-sensei proceed to come to recover Kyoko and reeducate her, but before she can Kyoko acquires a manly voice and disappear in a dark mist. We learn afterward that she is now possesed by Hellscythes former Zombie servant who’s now gone mad. There is your hint on what will happen next.

Things I liked about this episode:

  • The incredible power Eucliwood holds is incredible, she can kill with mere words

  • The scene where Kyoko gets killed countless times, again and again, by Aikawa was really well done

  • A new foe has appeared


I was quite impressed with this week episode yet again, I can’t help but think that this show will go downhill at some point, but for now, the complete opposite is happening. I do not regret a second of todays episode and I wish to see more of this awesome story well completed with ecchi.

ZeroG signing off

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