Carly finally is released from security only to find that her camera that has her scoop is gone. After kicked out, she heads to the King’s film debut. In the mean time Yusei is waiting, and Jack is awake in the hospital. At the party Godwin is questioned by a reporter who reveals that Jack was originally from Satellite, Godwin dodges the question once again. Wanting to confirm whether its true or not, Carly decides to go and investigate on her way out the top model Misty confronts her who claims she likes fortune telling and can read one’s face, she tells Carly that she sees a shadow of death looming over her saying that she will soon die. Flustered Carly hurries out.
In the mean time Yusei grows impatience having to wait locked in a room to be escorted to Godwin. Ushio on the other-hand has been ordered to escort Jack out of the hospital. Just he arrives in the same time as Carly who has gone undercover, he gets possessed by one of the Dark Signer’s spiders.
Jack grows frustrated and decides to leave on his own, he encounters Carly but ignores her. He then sees Ushio by notices the spider mark. Carly warns Jack that this duel is dangerous, he decides to duel with her acting as his hands.

=____= Again bad summary…
Omg this was such a cute episode, it was absolutely hilarious too! I couldn’t stop laughing and moreover I couldn’t stop grinning. Carly acting as Jack’s right hand made this episode so bearable, not to mention it was incredibly refreshing to see that for the first time, Jack did not summon his Red Demon Dragon. Actually if he did, he would have destroyed the hospital!!!! Also the explosions were super awesome. I’m surprised nothing caught on fire, while more like the building! ANYWAYS, Carly was so adorable – I loved how she was so into it but her mood was ruined when Jack cut her off, or when she made a mistake. I also found it soooooo cute how Carly stepped up to shield jack from the impact, she was like, “I’m fineeee! *FALLS BACK*” I cracked up when they blew up the ceiling.
NOTE: The next episode will be released on Sunday instead of Saturday because I will be gone all day.


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