Level E, Episode 7: Backfired Plan

Color Rangers finally made it to the castle where the King tells them their mission and why they need to protect his daughter. When the princess comes out, the kids are much surprised to see that it’s Prince Baka who’s just cross-dressing and changing his voice. They catch him, beat him up, and tie him down- demanding how do they get out of the game. Prince Baka told them the only way to get out is defeat the Demon Lord. However, much to their dismay the system of the game seems to have be changed and so the villain’s power can actually kill the kids. Baka tells them that it’s too dangerous to continue the game and that they needed to head to the East Shrine where it would be the safest place for them. In the mean time he continues his role as the Princess to ‘satisfy’ the villain by agreeing to marry him in order to give some extra time to the kids.
Finally the kids arrive to the Shrine, just as they start climbing up the stairs they see a cloud of dust and a warning from Baka that the Demons are heading straight for them. Up top, safe from the demons, Baka arrives only to be *gasps* ‘startled/sarcasm to see that the Demon Lord is a younger version of him. The child aka Demon Lord tells the Color Rangers how he will help them get back to Earth because he doesn’t want to make their lives miserable. He tells them his story how why he didn’t want to be evil and cause misfortune for others. After debating whether this was a trap or not, the Color Rangers side up with him. Prince Baka goes on a rambling fury accidently slipping out the special magical attack called the ‘Golden Fist’ and gets ‘defeated’ by the kids.

Sorry for having this a day late folks. I had my hands full yesterday!
Well I was pleasantly surprised with the twist for the Demon Lord, mainly because one, it was a child version of Baka android or whatever (looks like an android according its flashback, so honestly I don’t know how to put it! OKAY ‘CHILD BAKA’ IT IS). Next was how innocent the child was and how it didn’t want to inherit Prince Baka’s terrible personality and wanted to help the kids get back to Earth.
Throughout the episode, it was impossible to predict what was going to happen because what we had originally thought would, didn’t happen. First off having Prince Baka decide to take on the Princess’s role was just plain epic, and while at the same time – more entertaining than maybe have had abducted Itoi Rina. Next it’s almost a shame that the kid’s teacher didn’t go out to beat the living crap and possibly kill Baka for the universe’s justice out of Baka, so having the kids have doing so themselves was a sweet. Speaking of which, the only way they had was because Baka started rambling on and on, slipping out every secret – showing the real cruel side of him and how his goals were initially supposed make them miserable but in the end the kids had fun.
Overall I really loved how this episode turned out. Young Baka was so adorable, so innocent and in this case so lovable! Of course Prince Baka is totally pissed off about that his plan didn’t work and decided to ‘take over’ the RPG story which he had originally set up himself and so every time the kids are forced to return because they are in the same classroom, he can make their lives miserable. And surely, that probably went according to plan.


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