Madoka becomes even more concerned about Sayaka’s safety and begs her to somehow create an alliance with the other two girls. Sayaka declines exclaiming she refuses to work with people who are willing to sacrifice others. After seeking her mother for advice, learning that she needs to learn how to make mistakes every now and then, and learn from them, she causes a disastrous situation where as she’s the one at fault for ‘killing Sayaka’ – but at the same time reveals an ugly truth and fate after agreeing to the contract in order to become a Puella Magi.
>_> BLAH. Summary itself is ugly.
I fucking knew it. I knew there’d be something bad in creating a contract with Kyubey. That pest doesn’t give a damn about girls’ human selves. Even Kyoto was shocked and enraged. If it weren’t for Akemi, Sayaka would be long dead, but if it weren’t for Madoka for making this mistake – none of them would have discovered (excluding Akemi who seems to have known about it and reacted earlier in chasing after Sayaka’s soul gem) that they can’t control their bodies if their gem it beyond 100 meters in distance. Moreover Kyubey’s reaction of ‘not understanding’ is even more important.
The question is, does his perspective on human beings make him evil? Having no consideration, nor warns them about this risk? In this case does this make him innocent in a way he don’t understand what’s right and wrong for humans? Either way, I can’t find myself to trust him one little bit. He’s starting to get annoying how persistent he is to wanting Madoka to create a contract with him. Honestly I’m starting to think that the more powerful the Puella Magi is, the more he gains benefits from – whatever they may be.
Next thing that is very important: Walpurgis Night in which both Kyoto and Akemi are aware about. However the most significant part is that Akemi mentioned that she is waiting for this witch (if it’s a witch that is… O_O;; ) to appear, then will leave the town to Kyoto. I got the feeling this is what we saw in the first episode, the prologue to this upcoming event which will likely to have Madoka finally create a contract.
Last thing I wanted to mention, Akemi – she too is someone who we aren’t certain who’s side she’s on. Kyubey seems to be quite wary of her (then again why would he not be? She tried to kill him). In the beginning I have considered that maybe she’s a witch, I’m starting to think that it MIGHT be possible that she’s half and half. If not, IF the Walpurgis Night is a witch, she probably has encountered in the past where as she now wants revenge. Perhaps it may have killed a friend of hers which may be why she doesn’t want people to agree on Kyubey’s contracts other than perhaps being threaten by the potential they possess.
Other than that, her talent seems to be dodge and speed, in this case defense may be her key strength. Her shield on her arm represents that – but that’s just a theory, nothing has been said yet.


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