Ichika understands a bit more about the reasons that pushed Laura to hate him, and he learns a little more about Charles secrets too.


Alright so the episode starts off with the trio-girl, Rin, Cecillia and Houki trying to win Ichika’s heart the worst way they could possibly attempt to. Ichika tired of being yell at by so many women turns to Charles for advice. Now the girl-trio are all jealous that Ichika’s into men more than women but Houki still got her chance since she is such a boy inside. Anyway, after some training, Laura went ape shit and tried to kill Ichika, but Charles saved him from a bullet about 1 meter in radius. Laura was surely in her PMS because she was batshit insane and she is just one mean bitch. She promised Ichika that she would own him in a duel one day, and Ichika said what ever, since Ichika is a real wuss and can’t win any fight anyway. After that, while Charles and Ichika were slowly changing in the lockeroom, Charles acted all weird again about changing with Ichika and he quickly left screaming like a girl.

Meanwhile, Ichika, being less clueless than usual, discovers that the reason Laura hates him is because his sister had to forfeit a big IS tournament once to be able to save his sorry ass. Laura is pissed because she’s an annoying little bitch and she can’t deal with it.

Also that means that Ichika was once kidnapped and he never bothered to figure out why. I mean after all everyone gets kidnapped once in a while right?

Sup, we are kidnapping you at random because we are bored and your day needed a Highlight

Still our clueless protagonist returned to his room where he found Charles in the shower. Being a good totally not-gay guy, he decides to enter the bathroom while Charles is showering, after all privacy is completely overrated. Upon entering he discovers Charles secret.

The Guy has boobs ! And No Penis ! And a Vagina ! And Since the beginning he speaks and acts like a girl ! Could it be that Charles is actually a girl? I NEVER SAW THAT COMING !

With this guy luck he could probably wash her with that soap and she wouldn't complain, I hate Ichika

So now the secret is out, Charlotte tell Ichika that she is a girl coming over from France to spy on him, turns out Ichika seems to be spying on her more than she is spying on him, what’s with this fixation for her boobs? talking of boobs, they are really big in that shirt, How could she possibly hide them in the tight as fuck IS training body suit? SHE IS A WIZARD!

If a girl can explain to me how she's able to hide her breasts while in combat suit, I would be quite grateful

Anyway Ichika told Charlotte that he will protect her secret in order to protect her, that’s a good idea to me, since Charlotte seems naughty, always a good idea to have a naughty girl share your room.

In next week episode Cecilia and Rin will fight Laura; to defend Ichika’s, since he can’t defend himself…

Things I liked about this episode:

  • Charlotte looks naughty under her false self-consciousness

  • the backstory with Laura and how Ichika was kidnapped was quite interesting


This was a decent episode, not the most surprising though, we saw “Charles Secret” coming a mile away, but still it was entertaining and I just love the concept of a guy and a girl being roommates. Let’s hope next week episode is amazing, Oki will be covering it and she just loves them boobies.

ZeroG signing off

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  1. SilentSerenata

    YES ! WE TOTALLY NEVER SAW THAT COMING ! WOW ! I’m so surprised…

    But I am surprised by Charles’s cross dressing skills…must have used a lot of bandages for that chest.

    1. Eva

      IKR? I knew from the moment she walked into the classroom and her voice!!! ROFLMAO!!!!

    2. ZeroG

      Atleast with all that bandaging you can be sure she’ll be shaved completely. It must hurt a lot to peel off at the end of the day.

      1. Eva

        LOL, dude I’m a fairly confident she only uses a wrap. You won’t get shaved by that – otherwise it’d hurt like a bitch! D:>

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