Gosick Episode 6: Another Mystery!

After a bunch of complicated schnizzle I love that word, I should use it more often, it turns out there was a big misunderstanding about who was covering what on what week and whatnot so many whats, which made every thing quite complicated and in the end I am covering Gosick once again, for the third time in a row. Please note that Oki will be covering the next 2 episodes in order to catch up.
To start off the episode, we learn a little bit more about the not evil and pretty and nice and real Avril. She seems like a very energetic person, and Kujo even starts feeling a little jealous towards her, although he still feels proud that he’s the only one who knows about Victorique.
One day, while he is with Avril, Kujo is walking around when they both notice a wannabe and completely unsuspicious magician almost performing failed tricks in the street. Kujo is about to leave, however the magician turns him around, steals his textbook and transforms it into a hat, therefore proving that he is an actual magician. He then leaves, showing an incredibly suspicious “I’m an important guy in the story and will spice up your life in a couple of episodes” smirk that leaves us hanging.

Tee hee hee... Look at meh magic trick. Teh bird fliez. It fliez, I tell you. (He kinda reminds me of Undertaker from Kuroshitsuji... Or is it just me?)

As they keep walking, Kujo and Avril stop at an antiques shop, where a nun that smells like liquor AHEMAHEM Totally not suspicious tries to sell them a music box that explodes and transforms into pigeons AHEMAHEM I smell a magician while a really expensive plate gets stolen. ‘Tis a new mystery!!!!
Kujo goes to see Victorique, tells her of the mystery, and Victorique figures out everything right away, which causes her another trance of boredness. She then wears the hat Kujo was given instead of his textbook, and when Weirddudewithweirdhair appears he looks at her in horror and says “YOU’RE SO FUCKING UGLY WHILE WEARING THAT HAT!!!” Ok no, I’m kidding, he doesn’t really say that, but rather he thinks that she is someone else called Cordelia Gallo, an apparently very scary person.
Anyways, back to the mystery case involving the stolen plate, Victorique states that the nun obviously stole the plate which I kinda figured out, and Grevil then leaves and apparently doesn’t solve the murder case right away, which is suspicious apparently. While reading the newspaper, Kujo comes across an article mentioning the Gray Wolves’ descendants some crap like that, anyways, shows it to Victorique, who freaks, trips, gets hurt and then forces Kujo to eat a squished cake on the floor and then to get a book in the library Wut?.
Kujo goes and get the book, Victorique starts explaining something about the Gray Wolves, however Kujo doesn’t listen, thinks some weird rape stuff and then brings his head closer to Victorique to rape her flick her head and then laugh.
Ok, seriously, what's with this week and imaginary rape scenes? First Kimi ni Todoke, now Gosick? Next thing I know, Beelzebub'll have some romance springing up -_-'.

Now, upon this scene happening, Victorique obviously misunderstood at first, and now she’s incredibly mad at Kujo for doing what he did, which causes Kujo to leave childishly with the famous sentence “I’LL NEVER COME BACK HERE EVER AGAIN poutI give him one day while Victorique still scratches her head. Kujo is up late doing homework, and while he is looking outside and obviously working, we see how well that’s going sees a moving trunk and says “SWEET! LET’S GO STEAL IT” something along those lines anyways. It turns out it’s Victorique who now has 2 cavities,and so Kujo helps her out of school to go to a dentist and suddenly finds himself in Horovitz with the nun from before and more Wolves references.
After a small discussion between Kujo and Victorique, we learn much more about Victorique’s past and that of her mom’s, and we also learn in the process that Victorique is in Horovitz in order to prove her mom’s innocence. Her, the nun, Kujo and 3 other guys go up to “The Village of the Wolves” and the episode ends as they are accepted into the village.
O_O So many things happened in this episode! It was a tad predictable, but still great. Basically, we got another mystery going, and this time it’s related to Victorique!
What I love about these mysteries isn’t necessarily how twisted they are, but rather I love how at first the mystery seems incredibly simple and in the end there is a lot more to it than just a simple mystery case, but rather there is a huge story behind it and there always ends up having 2 or 3 mysteries linked together in one simple case. It’s a little predictable, yet it catches your attention and makes the story very interesting.Moreover, the culprit can be foreseen usually but the motive is always unclear until the very end.
I can’t wait to figure out more about Victorique! We will learn more about her background story, and I can see the start of a main plot happening for the ending sequence! I’m definitely interested. I’m kinda curious to see what’s so special about those “Gray Wolves”…
I was bound to re-use this screencap and it's prettiness!

To add even more goodness to the show this week, the characters were incredibly interesting. Although we only saw it at the end, Kujo is still the manly guy he is who wants to protect Victorique! Victorique herself is still the incredibly cute Loli we want her to be, and Avril seems like a really nice person also. The Magician seems very intriguing and I can’t help but think he’s a nice guy in the end his suspicious smirk won me over. He’s obviously important, I mean he shows up in the Opening sequence, but we don’t know who he is yet and now I want to know.
By the way, it’s a random question but… What happened to Victorique’s cavities? :O

2 thoughts on “Gosick Episode 6: Another Mystery!

  1. Victorique didn’t have cavities, that’s just something that Kujo assumed because she was sneaking off and had her cheeks puffed up. Remember:
    Victorique == Smart girl!
    Everyone else == Village idiot! (still accepting applications too!)

    1. Yeah, I kinda thought that, too, but then again, Victorique eats so many sweets I actually wouldn’t have been surprised if it was real cavities she had 😛

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