My Little Sister Can't be This Cute! OVA 1: The True Ending!

Wait, whaaaaaat? I thought I heard this was only appearing in July? The DVD was, not the OVA apparently.

I swear, I'll never get tired of this line... It's just... priceless.

Anyways. It’s not like you’ll hear me complain about it, I mean I’ve wanted to see this really badly. Now, on to my review.
It might’ve been way back from last season, but remember my little paragraph from last episode about how it was impossible that Kirino could be a nice person finally? Well, this episode starts off the same way, as our favourite arrogant bitch little sister suddenly becomes a nice person, thanks people and gives them food, surprising Kyousuke and MEEEE O___O just like last time, I’m disturbed. I just can’t get that thought into my head, Kirino can’t be a nice person, it just DOESN’T WORK!!!.
Anyways, the first half of the episode goes on like last episode (just like they said this would start off at), I don’t feel like explaining the rest so just watch it if you can’t remember. The episode starts branching off in the middle, when Kyousuke goes to get Kirino’s eroge games. Last time, he was on time for the last train, but this time he isn’t oh my god, I can totally see where this is going and it sounds AMAZING and when he calls Kirino she begs him to be there by morning and Kyousuke tries his best, thinking “IT IS MY DUTY AS A SLAVE OLDER BROTHER TO BE THERE BY MORNING!”
Then follows a grand adventure for Kyousuke to get to his house as fast as possible, where he confronts his shame and the rest of the world with an EROGE BIKE given to him by a really creepy dude. Meanwhile, Kirino, impatiently waiting for him, receives a call from Kuroneko where they talk about cat ears and possibly? Kirino’s and Kyousuke’s love relationship.
Witness the bike of shame. No, seriously, LOOK AT IT. Just 'cause.

Anyhow, after much pain, Kyousuke is finally back home and Kirino asks him to play the eroge he just bought with him. The scene plays out like last episode once again, where Kirino tries her best to keep Kyousuke into her room and wants to show him “something embarassing”. This time, however, while she is looking for that “something” she drops a game in front of Kyousuke, something VERY EMBARASSING. But, that’s still not it, and apparently what she wants to show him is even more embarassing Hm…. Pulling out a box, she then takes an album and upon asking Kyousuke if he wants to look, said older brother decides for his own good not to look and is given a report card instead. Kirino then explains how she started liking track, and how important the box actually is to her. She tells him to protect everything, and Kyousuke replies that since he is her slave brother, of course he would do it. The conversation basically ends there, and Kyousuke goes back to his bed.
He wakes up next morning, Kirino is gone to America for track, and she didn’t even tell him that she was leaving BITCH, WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?. Following this, a new school year starts and Kyousuke goes to school he kinda has to, I mean that’s what teenagers do, they fall in love and go to school… Or at least, shoujos say they do and on the way there meets Kuroneko, wearing his school uniform and calling him sempai In other words, she’s in high school, precisely in Kyousuke’s high school… Just putting that out there.
Ok, so I basically had the impression at the end of the season that this episode was going to fly towards what actually happened, when I learned this was going to branch off from the last episode I knew they were going to make her leave for America. There was a couple of differences in this episode, however, that really caught my attention and made it much better than I thought it was going to be at first.
People might tell me I should shut up and stop talking about rape, but... I just can't help it when I read this.

First of all, the fact that Kyousuke couldn’t come back right away was pretty intense, because we all knew that Kirino was leaving and I seriously thought for a moment they would make Kirino leave before he could come back to his house. In the end, however, he came back, and what happened was basically the same, except this time Kirino didn’t tell Kyousuke that she was leaving.
And, to this, I reply: WHYYYYYYY?!?!? I can understand that she’s a shy person who doesn’t like expressing her real emotions, but there are limits!!! Kirino has just brought herself even lower in my standards, which is pretty impressive she was already pretty low before. She didn’t even seem sad to let Kyousuke leave her room the second time, and had that big fat smile on her face completely free of guilt. GRR! I’m guessing this show will never change and will always make me hate Kirino deeply… Yet I love this show even more because of it.
To finish off, about this last part involving Kuroneko and high school… WUUUT? No, seriously, how the hell is this related in any way to the fact that Kirino has left? O.o Well, this is going to last 4 episodes, so I’m guessing they have to put in more stuff to add content and everything… But why? I don’t get it… D: It looks as though Kirino has definitely left and isn’t coming back at all, though, because a new year started and that means she didn’t miss her flight Maybe it’ll give Kyousuke a life free of slavery….
This episode also put out there some really nice foreshadowing (“It’s lonely not being able to see each other!” or “can’t you at least make it by morning?”), since we all knew what was going to happen there was much more suspense and it made everything better.
So, to end this review, let me just say that I had totally forgotten about how simply amazing this show was, and this OVA definitely put my head back on track. It’s a fact: I love an incest show.

7 thoughts on “My Little Sister Can't be This Cute! OVA 1: The True Ending!

  1. Just think of Kirino leaving and Kuroneko calling him “sempai” at the end as a heroine tag swap for awhile. D:
    I’m looking forward to the next 3-4 episodes. ^_^

    1. Yeah I guess, it was just in order to fill in for Kirino… Then again, if that means Kyousuke will talk to Kuroneko more, she might help him realize some things… I dunno XD. The next episodes are DEFINITELY going to be interesting, whatever will happen… I seriously can’t figure it out.

      1. Actually, I did read elsewhere that the author himself had a poll for fans to decide which character to feature while Kirino was away. Kuroneko won and she got a whole book to herself (I think). Not 100% sure if that was what really happened, but there you go. o_O;
        Oh, in the later novels, Kuroneko really ascends into main character status and not just in her current (seemingly) one-dimensional goth otaku personality. 🙂

  2. OHHH, now that would make a lot of sense! Personally, if I had found that poll I probably would’ve voted for her as well… Or maybe Manami, I dunno, they’re both awesome!
    If that’s the case though, then there’s a possibility of just them making the plot completely dead for 2 more episodes until Kirino comes back… That would actually suck real bad, I hope they don’t do that… Then again, with this show I’m never deceived so we’ll see what happens when it comes out! (I can’t wait)

    1. I think that it will actually be pretty interesting. Think of it as seeing the other side of the coin (for awhile) and it’s start of the buildup of the serious erm… rivalry between Kirino and Kuroneko in the future. The next few episodes should have some interesting new characters from school to introduce and I am sure it has a notable scene or two involving Kurneko and Kyousuke.
      When I say it’s a Kuroneko feature, I mean it will feature Kurneko and her developing relationship with Kyousuke while Kirino is away. Perhaps in this case, it’s the “cat” who is at play while the mouse is away. 🙂
      If this anime ever reaches book 8 of the light novel, we’ll get to see Kuroneko pull out the big guns against Kirino as she goes Shironeko mode. ^_^

      1. Unfortunately I doubt they’ll get that far, I mean we only have 3 episodes left… Hmm, although giving Kuroneko and Kirino a little bit of rivalry could definitely bring us to a second season, which would be COMPLETELY AWESOME since I’m in love with this show and I doubt they can ruin it… I actually wouldn’t be that surprised if they did that, I mean the show is extremely popular :/…
        For some reason, I seriously can’t visualize a Kuroneko and Kyousuke pairing… It just doesn’t get processed in my head…o.o

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