X_x; This is going to hurt. Look at the size of those thorns...

Before the final duel begins, Yusei encounters Aki in the hallway and questions the reason why she called the Signer’s mark ‘wretched’. She tells him that she detests anyone who has one or related to it. Yusei quickly learns that Ruka can also feel Aki’s pain through the birthmark and came to a conclusion that was the Crimson Dragon’s way of tying them all together.
Checking his deck one last time, although despite saying he wouldn’t add Stardust to his deck till he had to face Jack, he decides to do so in order to put himself on the line in order to seek out Aki’s true self. When the battle starts, Yusei quickly finds himself dragged into Aki’s strategy and was physically crushed, only at the same time he realizes that the last part he was trying to put his finger on was the fact she enjoys her destructive power.
Ow. Just ow. I’m surprised Yusei is still able to stand. Surely he would have broken a few bones by that blow, but hey he has been tortured several times, so this should be nothing- not in the YGO world anyways. So the battle doesn’t actually start till the second half of the episode. However right off the bat Aki starts to crush Yusei – physically. It was also fairly interesting how, although this is literally only her third turn, which has already made the battle feel like it’s been going on for a while – she is already going all out to physically crush Yusei.
On the extra note, Yusei decided to add Stardust to his deck despite saying that he would only use it during his battle with Jack. In this case, he really could care less about Godwin using him and all. His first priority is to try and help Aki, and meet her true self rather than worry about working in Godwin’s favor. Which totally sucks. :\
I don’t know whether to find it hilarious or just plain scary Aki’s expression and the eerie looks from the crowd:

Last thing I wanted to mention, the close-up animation was just ugh, horrible. They overdid the dark outline whenever we had a close up shot of the characters. I mean really, it was annoying to see. I know maybe it was intially shadow effect, but even so it was just terribly done. Overused may be the right word.
=_= Ahhhh, I’m not satisfied with this episode’s impression. I’ll be sure the next one is better, it’s probably because I’m feeling under the weather.



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