Yo the name is Crow, and I love birds so much that I have a Black Feather Deck AND made my D-Wheel Bird-like!

Somewhere in the city, a boy who’s face is covered in markers is in process of robbing duel monsters. In the mean time Godwin questions Yusei and explains to him about how the bridge they are standing on could one day be connected by Yusei.
Yusei on the other hand gets pissed off with that remark declaring that Godwin should be more than capable to doing so with his influence. Godwin claims that if he did he would be connecting the upcoming disaster in Satellite to the city. Back where the robbery was taking place, the theif decides to have fun and escapes the building. The pursuit begins with the security unable to catch up to his speed, left to only force him into a Speed World. The thief, Crow-sama wastes no time and quickly ends the duel with his victory.
Back in Neo Domino, Ushio finally regain consciousness and is shown my Mikage how he had battled with Jack, declaring that they need to find the girl he was with.
Godwin continues his discussion with Yusei, revealing that he knows about the circumstances with the Dark Signers, and explains they are their enemies. They have revived after five thousands years in the underworld, destined to fight the Crimson Dragon’s signers.Yusei then questions why is it happening now out of all times. Godwin explains that the Momentum that lies beneath the Kaiba Corporation, but even before it came into being, the original and the first one buried in the deepest rubbles of Satellite. He also explains about the incident from seventeen years ago that involved the M.I.D.S (Momentum Investigation and Development Section) and still activated the machine despite it being imperfect, and because of that it triggered a tragedy due to while it supposed to only have a positive rotation, began a negative rotation. At the time time that tragedy struck the Nazca lines reacted with almost the same energy burst. In short, the old momentum has became a door connecting to the underworld. The only way to prevent the entrance of the underworld to open more, the Signers must defeat the so-called gatekeepers, known as the Dark Signers. Godwin finally reveals that because he knew this was going to happen, he had hosted the Fortune Cup to gather and awaken the Signers. Outraged, Yusei questions Godwin angrily why he decided to rebuild Satellite while knowing this, willing to sacrifice the people living there. Godwin declares that it’s for the sake of preventing anymore victims. Yusei also remembers that he had no met the firth signer and asks where that person it is. Godwin tells him that one signer will pop up eventually, and for now it’s destiny. A helicopters arrives with his D-Wheel in order to give him a lift to Satellite, from there he gets off and encounters Crow who greets him with a smirk.

;A; I forgot today was Thursday!
And here we got another criminal guy to the group. Anyhow Crow’s D-Wheel is epic. Flapping around and the security guys are like, “WTF IS WITH THIS THING???”
He’s an interesting character. Much like Yusei he likes to take risks and built his D-Wheel which by the way can also fly (if not, just soar). He runs into the same problem as Yusei dealing with Gate Blockers, but manages to get through faster and if that wasn’t badass enough, he did a 1 HIT KO. The reason why he steals cards is for the orphans he takes care of.
My god. I am already getting annoyed with their habits of having to freaking push up their sleeves to show off their birthmark, I mean come on that is like – totally unnecessary. How isn’t it obvious enough already? Anyways clearly the Momentum is playing a huge role in this plot, a it has during the Fortune Cup Arc. It seems that we will learn more about how the tragedy occurred, whether Godwin is a good guy or not, (I still think he’s an ass and a creepy dude), more importantly it seems heavily connected with Yusei in particular.
Before I forget, when Godwin asked why Yusei rides a D-Wheel, Yusei’s face (although absolutely terrible quality) was priceless.
What kind of question is that?
I found it pretty hilarious how Jack decided to stay at Carly’s house without even asking – not that she was complaining. She actually thought Mikage was Jack’s girlfriend, which she isn’t although that woman does have a major and obvious crush on Jack. I’m already getting fed p with her, “Atlas-sama” it reminds me ALOT of a particular character from another fandom who seems never shut up about one’s name to the point my head wanted to explode.
And seriously what’s with reunions that involve them high up and Yusei at the bottom? SERIOUSLY?! WHY?! WHAT IS THE PURPOSE?!?! I DON’T GET THIS AT ALL!!!!


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