Ichigo meets an Interesting man while training with squad 11.


Ichigo is having fun dueling Rinji in squad 11 training facility, after the fight he notices a guy named Seizo. Turn out the guy is an ex super strong fighter, He was a knight of sort, fighting with rules and morality, he was never trying anything sneaky and therefore he always lost. Also since he was such a white knight he sacrificed his spiritual power for Ikkaku sakes. Ikkaku really couldn’t care less and now only see Seizo has a loser who can’t defend himself and someone who is weaker than most people.

That sucks

But since the show is all about determination and how we should never give up, well the guy fight against some hollow again, kick some ass and can leave the place has a great man instead of the loser he was believed to be before.

THAT’S IT! I wish they would have taken a break for a while, lots of stuff is happening in japan right now, they could take a break, check on their family, take some vacation or something. Those episode are at worst mediocre, I can’t be expected to say something awesome about them!

Last week episode was actually good imo, but this week is just plain crap, I didn’t enjoy it and found nothing of interest in the episode to say something worth your time, I apologize for that.

Things I liked about this episode:

  • Nothing


Well that was a short review was it? I’ll try to make up for it next week, even if next week suck hardcore again, I’ll try to invent something good in the episode…deal?

Still I did warn everyone in the title not to read this, you are the only one to blame for the few minutes you just lost reading this.

ZeroG signing off