I couldn't agree more Jack

After Aki learns from Mikage about the dark side of the Arcadia Movement and was one of the victims to become a solider and was merely being used as a tool, Godwin drags everyone to his mansion and shows them the shrine he had showed with Jack in the past. He explains how Dark Signers works and answers questions they ask.
The End.

Literally, this entire episode was a recap while finally getting information behind the fated battle between the Dark Signers and the Crimson Signers. All we got was a confirmation from Godwin that the people who are Dark Signers are dead and there will be no way to revert them back because of it. Regarding the second point, despite Godwin saying that, in every typical series like this there is always a way to revived characters from the dead. I am not sure how they will do it, but I wouldn’t say it is impossible.
Since nothing really progressed this episode I don’t have much to say, so it can’t helped. >_>; Not to mention there wasn’t a single duel either. Honestly it must be because I can’t stand Godwin that makes me so annoyed while watching this. 

Preview: Jack and Yusei gets into a physical fight! PLACE YOUR BETS ON WHO GONNA WIN! *SHOT*


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