While Clain and Nessa go a mission to gather some fresh water, Nessa sudenly starts feeling ill and their ride suddenly fail to function and leads them to a crash. Clains wakes up to find himself in a Doppel city (that is part of the Fractale system) known as Xanadu, separated from Nessa. He is guided and disguised by a Doppel who gives him a tour around the city and they eventually finds Nessa. In the mean time, Phryne, Enri and her brother search among the crashed site to find Clain and Nessa. They are greeted by a farmer who tells them that they are similar to the L.M group, but rather than rebelling against the system they are just appreciating the natural environment. However later in the evening both Clain and Enri (despite separated) discovers that same truth behind these people and are forced to escape. As Clain and Nessa almost makes it out of the city, they are confronted by Collin who fires a virus onto Clain that infects his body. Nessa horrified and wanting to save Clain suddenly awakens something inside her that permanently destroys every doppel and anything part of the Fractale system within their range and as result destroyed the ‘hologram city’. However just when they thought they were safe, Meegan appears before them announcing that his armor system cannot be affected by Nessa and shoots Clain putting him in a critical situation while at the same time the Temple folks arrive as well as Phyrne and the others, putting everyone in a dangerous situation.

What the hell just happened? Holy shit I don’t even know how to express this shock.
What a twist! So it turned out the people who were working in the fields were actually millionaires still using the Fractale system while in the mean time in Xanadu, was literally a Doppel city. I’m even more stunned about Nessa’s powers and the reason why she is the key to the world, and the fact that Clain just got shot and is probably (considering how much blood he already loss) in a critical, life threatening condition. I don’t know how the hell Phryne and the others are going to get away from the Temple folks, maybe Nessa can blast them away with her power – but gah, gosh! WOW. I didn’t see this coming at all!
Aside from the amount of shock I’m dealing with at the moment, the first thing that struck me while watching this was just how horrible the animation was. That and Meegan’s ridiculously oversized boobs that bounce around like jello – I mean seriously what the fuck is with that?  … You know what forget I asked, I probably know the answer anyways.
Man what a cliffhanger!


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  1. sam1456

    No I hope Clain doesnt die

    1. Eva

      I doubt he’s going to die either, I mean he’s the main character! XD Just ow, that’s quite a wound!

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