Another mystery has begun, and daaaaayum this one seems good :).

PRETTEEEEEHHH (Don't mind me and my slight obsession with pretty things)

Episode 9 has an interesting beginning. Right after a scene where Avril relates a scary story to Kujo, the story goes right into what seems to be another mystery, about a blue rose that has been going missing for a while now. Kujo then goes to see Victorique, who states it clearly: “I’m bored, I’m bored, I’m bored, I’m bored I think we get it.” She asks Kujo to get stuck in another huge mystery to fend off her boredness, but instead he decides to give her a kimono his sister sent him, which seems to please Victorique a whole lot although she won’t admit it while he’s there, and moreover she doesn’t want him to see her scarred hands. Once he leaves, we witness a whole different part of Victorique showing openly her feelings of excitement, with a ginormous smile on her face OH MY GOD WHAT A CUTIIIIIIIE. She walks to what seems to be her house may I ask why it is only accessible by going through a labyrinth?, puts on very badly the kimono and goes to sleep, while Kujo reads ghosts stories about Saubreme, the capital of Saubure which he is going to the next day. By morning, Victorique wakes up with a huge cold, and Kujo sends her a letter to show that he cares, but Victorique replies that he’s an idiot and nothing else. Kujo leaves immaturely as usual and, while on the train, meets Weirddudewithweirdhair Blehh, if you had cut your hair I’d be more than happy to see you, but you didn’t so you should just leave... Grevil discusses a mystery involving disappearing items and people in the capital city, however Kujo doesn’t listen and thinks of Victorique instead because she’s WAAAY more important and awesome than Grevil 😀.
Kujo arrives in Saubreme, parts with Weirddudewithweirdhair yes! and walks towards a specific store to get a blue rose for his sister. He goes into a store, where the clerk informs him where he can buy one, and Kujo ends up in a room where there is no one around and a single blue rose, which he takes but gets caught and told that he isn’t in the right place Please note: He drops the rose on the floor, the rose which is supposed to be made out of glass, and it doesn’t break... He leaves, still thinking about the couple that told him off, when he gets lost again and this time meets a crazy freaky naked girl who tells him there are demons everywhere and to call the police, and then the lights get turned off and she disappears O______O. Kujo goes immediately to see Grevil and brings him to Jiangtan (the name of the store), where no one remembers Kujo and he just looks like a crazy guy who imagined a crazy woman jumping on him stop fantasizing crazy naked ladies, little boy who looks like he’s hitting puberty... It is shown, however, that the crazy girl actually exists, however she’s currently hiding suspicious O_O.
After a small scene where Victorique has a nightmare about her childhood prison and where she misses Kujo, we are back in Saubreme, where our manly main character loses Grevil’s trust and gets attacked by another crazy lady, this time an old woman there are crazy ladies everywhere in this city, or what?. He then meets a young boy, who tells him useful information, and decides to call Victorique when suddenly he’s attacked by someone or something because the line is cut.
Woaaah, nice cliffhanger!
It’s a tad obvious that next episode, Victorique will move her butt and go save Kujo, and I’m a little curious as to how this mystery will turn out. I mean, it’s obvious that the couple from Jiangtang has the real blue rose, however I can’t find the relationship with ghost stories, emotionless people, asians and mannequins in this mystery… I mean, I dunno how mannequins could be turned into human beings and the little girl from the basement is most likely one of the captives, but why would they capture her….?  So much mystery!
I ranted enough about her already, but let me say it again, and again, and again: Victorique’s mannerisms are really cute. The fact that she denies everything is hilarious, and I was actually surprised when she showed so much happiness at the kimono I didn’t think it was possible
I’m reaaaaally curious about this mystery… I want more of thiiiiisssss!!!

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  1. ryo_kun

    It was an interesting episode indeed. Though I wouldn’t be so sure to say that Victorique is gonna be fine next week to save Kujou as she seems to be STILL sick from the preview.

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