Every girl in school are looking forward to their day to the beach, and that means, they are all going shopping to get the most awesome suit swim ever. Ichika is going to have his eye tired after looking at all those beauty in swimsuit all day long.


Alright so the episode begins with some interesting stuff. Houki is going her own personal IS, coming straight from her sister. We also get a chance to look at her sister…she seems strange in a good way. Now I’m not saying that because she’s younger than I imagined, she wears robotic bunny ears and she looks clueless of what is going on around her, but that might be the reason why I would be surprise by her look.

But at least that means that finally Houki will be able to use force to convince Ichika to fall in love with her…how does that work? I have no clue, but every girl seems to be trying this approach so…

Everyone except Laura, who is actually quite straight forward in her approach.

What better way to wake up than to see a naked german girl next to you?


What "there" is he referring to?

This scene alone just made me went from mad that “Laura has become friendly to Ichika” to “fan of Laura”. Straight forward is the best way to your destination ! Laura is quite the pretty lady, and she sneaked in, slept with Ichika all night long…Naked. Plus she is willing to show her body and touch him willingly. I just don’t understand what Ichika is hesitating for. Go for it man ! you have an hour or so before class, just have some fun.

Oh wait nevermind, Houki likes to pop up in your room too. That might be even more awesome, Ichika can now do it while Houki is watching !

Look at that she even brought a huge dildo !

So it seems they did some masochist fun involving Ichika getting beaten up by a huge wooden dildo (some may call it a wooden sword).

That day Ichika and Charlotte are heading up to the mall to shop for swimsuit for Charlotte. She only had male swimsuit with her so now she has to get a female one. Now I’m kind of shocked with this, I never saw a male swimsuit cover the chest, so I would have appreciated the male swimsuit much more. How the hell would she have made that work? she would have got a white shirt to cover her top (and tons of duct tape)?

If we forget this question, She and Ichika are now walking to the mall when 2 familiar spy appears, Rin and Cecilia are still busy following and spying on Ichika and what ever girl are with him. Actually It looks like Laura is still alive and decides to stalk Ichika with Cecilia and Rin. Now Charlotte needs a new name, let’s get something I can’t possibly take seriously…hum right I know, Char ! That is awesome, it sounds like the name of a volcanic planet infested by zerg ! Meanwhile Ichika meets his friend and his sister, she’s still wet each time she sees him but Ichika doesn’t seems to give a fuck, so now lets skip to the next part shall we, Charlotte needs to get a new swimsuit, so she decides to do it logically, by entering in the changing room with Ichika. I mean what better to place to chance than to be with the only guy at college right? Ichika needs to not look, that is quite a feat to accomplish, but the guy succeed, Charlotte get changed and she looks wonderful in her swimsuit, now of course Chifuyu and Maya use this perfect time to show up and open the changing room door.

We also learn that Laura’s Intel on relationship comes from an anime fan from germany, that can’t be good. By not good I mean, not good for Laura, good for me. Still now it’s time to the piece de la resistance, It is beach time.

Multiple thing happens, first Ichika has to oil up Cecilia, which turn out into a yuri scene. Oh and Cecilia showed her breast to everyone.

I know I love long hairs, but sometimes they are kind of annoying

Now Cecilia got her moment in the spotlight, time to check what Rin’s got.

Oh nothing there, she just drowned, that’s boring…

Also Laura got the thinnest swimsuit ever, but she’s ashamed to be nearly naked and run away…that makes me confused, she was naked with Ichika that same morning, Houki even saw her and she didn’t sound a bit bothered, why would having about 1 gram of clothes on her would be any worse? It is a mystery.

Next in line? A volleyball match ! What happens? nothing special ! Oh wait no, we learn that Ichika’s got the hot for his older sister, gogo wincest. That would make an interesting ending, surprise wincest ! that would leave me saying WTF IS THIS BULLSHIT, but it would be so awesome nonetheless.

Also the winner for best swimsuit is

Random WTF pikachu swimsuit

Now that’s it folks.

Things I liked about this episode:

  • Boobs

  • Naked girls

  • Pikachu was awesome, gogo full suit at 40 degrees !


Alright so the story didn’t really progressed or anything this week, but what ever, we got awesome ecchi going on through all the episode, can’t complain much. Fan service is good service. I enjoyed that episode nonetheless.

See you all next week for the real stuff (I guess it will be) and let’s hope it will be just as awesome as this one, but with less ecchi and more ACTION !

ZeroG signing off.

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  1. Psycho

    We also get a chance to look at her sister…she seems strange in a good way

    Almost every genius person in the earth is strange from my perspective. I’m not really surprised if Tabane has strange way for talking.

    1. ZeroG

      Also, that makes it all the more interesting, normal is boring

  2. sam1456

    I gave up on this show after the 5th episode its so borring

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