Carly decides to goes out to investigate the Arcadia Movement. While sneaking around, she discovered a secret room that held the truths about the murder cases as well about Godwin’s big secret- which was the fact Godwin was originally from Satellite. Then she is caught by Divine and forced into a duel. Before she knows it, she is thrown out of the window of the building and starts to fall to her death.


If you thought there wasn’t going to be a murder in this series, think again. Carly, the poor girl, just can’t find her luck when it comes to investigations. It’s sad knowing there is no way in the world anyone could survive a fall like that. Heck I am already saying this when we haven’t actually seen her land yet, but I’m pretty sure that she’s going to be dead. I really liked her character so it’s a shame she is now going to be gone. I do wonder how Jack is going to react to her announcement of her death.
Now as for Godwin, I find it almost ridiculous how he is a Satellite Native. He doesn’t give the shit about his home and was willing to sacrifice the people living there rather than the ones in New Domino. Moreover it came back to bite him after what he had told Yusei a few episodes back how he wanted to keep the battle out of the city. Oh the irony! For god sakes, did it never really occur to him that as long as there is a signer in the area, the Dark Signers won’t give a damn about the location? Last time I checked, THEY WANT TO BATTLE IN A POPULATED AREA BECAUSE THAT MEANS MORE SOULS SO SACRIFICE!
Last but not least, Misty. She has foreshadowed that Carly was going to be killed and warned her to stay out of the Arcadia Movement business as much as possible. It’s rather interesting how according to her own sources that the Witch (Izayoi Aki) could be the one responsible for her brother’s death. Despite her quiet, and tender nature I wonder if Misty holds a grudge towards them, but at the same time she is involved in the Arcadia movement as well since she was shown in Carly’s investigation.

Preview: O_O … Is that Carly’s voice I am hearing? Shit she’s coming back from the dead?! >_> <_<;;;


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