Hellsing Ultimate Episode 4: Incredible Plot Development

After a little introduction showing our big bad Nazi Boss and how scary he looked to the priests from the Vatican, we follow a small conversation between Alucard and Integra on the phone, and she tells him that there will be a meeting of the Round Table soon, and that he must show up because the meeting is with the Queen gaspWOAAAH, the Queen’s there, this will be important for sure!. Meanwhile, our Nazi Boss (I NEED A FREAKIN’ NAAAAAAME! O_O) is having problems with a bunch of rebellious pawns co-workers, who are then stopped by a crazy psychotic BADASS looking guy. It is then finally confirmed by the Boss himself what his motive is: “I want to savour the infinite pleasures of war, of the next war, and of the war after that.I think he likes war” He intends to do that using an army of 1000 vampires.
Back to Alucard’s team, Seras and Bernadotte are arguing on how to come back to England (Bringing a coffin into a plane makes it slightly suspicious :/) when all of a sudden Anderson shows up, and without a second thought him and Alucard start fighting! SWEET, I WANT BLOOD Unfortunately, Anderson isn’t here for a fight awww, where’s my gore?, he’s here to give them a sheet of paper that’ll let them come back using a plane. Our group of vampires come back to England during the “Meeting of the Round Table with the Queengasp” and Alucard greets the Queen in a very familiar way, as though they were very good friends maybe more? a while back. Alucard reports his findings to the Queen, and just as he finishes, a random cat-eared boy shows up out of the blue literally and puts down on the table a TV connecting them to the Nazi Boss. The council has a conversation with the Boss, proving to us spectators that he is UTTERLY DERANGED. Of course, Alucard being himself A crazy psychotic who’s probably even more deranged, he can only laugh like a maniac and tell the Boss that he’ll kill him 20 times over Now I can’t wait to see that happen. Following this declaration, Integra asks Seras and Alucard to shoot, destroying the TV and the cat boy. 2 seconds later, however, exploded cat boy has disappeared and we learn afterwards that he’s still alive O_O That cat boy intrigues me… The Queen, losing no time looks like she’s also a pretty sadistic lady, orders Integra and Alucard to destroy the organization, while Nazi Boss gets into a blimp in order to get to London.
The scene then changes, and we are back into goreland as we meet Alucard’s next victim enemy, Rip Van Winkle, a crazy bitch who can kill more than one person with only one bullet to be honest it’s a pretty sweet thing she can do with that gun, I kinda like her and her sadistic ways

psychoooooo (that's kinda why I think you're awesome though)

Alucard and Walter have a conversation about Seras, and we now figure out a little bit more about her personality, why Alucard took a liking to her in the end, she is pretty badass and they go back to the issue of her having to drink blood, that which she hasn’t done yet. Since Seras is incredibly hungry, Integra forces her to drink a little bit of her blood, and then the scene changes and we are back at Anderson, talking with Maxwell, and we learn that when the time is right when everything is dead or almost Maxwell intends to attack both camps (Millenium and Hellsing) from the side and win everything coward.
The rest of the episode is then dedicated to Alucard and Rip Van Winkle, as Alucard gets on the boat and owns the face of everyone in an even scarier way than we have seen so far. He then feeds off Winkle, and as she’s dying Nazi Boss pays his respects to her, stating that she has accomplished her mission perfectly Al…right? The very last scene of this episode is dedicated to him, as he spits out a gigantic and psychotic paragraph on war and how much he likes it yep, he’s crazy.


I would've never guessed (Ok, I'll admit that was a total lie).

Well. This was a pretty damn INTENSE episode! The plot has been explain thoroughly, and we can now finally understand what the fuck is happening! YAAAAAAY! Of course, I’ve seen this a lot of times, but beforehand I have to admit that it was pretty damn confusing. This episode added a lot of content to everything, we now understand Nazi Boss’ motive, we now know who he is and how he wants to accomplish his war, and we now know a lot more about his personality he’s absolutely psychotic. Meanwhile, we’ve got Iscariot whom we also know what their reason is for them to be in the story now, they plan to stay neutral until the very end when they will strike and pretend they’re big winners cowards.
On our hero’s side, we’ve got Alucard who still likes his job too much and doesn’t do much more than that, Integra who is now fully and completely against Millenium, and most importantly we’ve got Seras as a side story, whom we still don’t comprehend fully. Seras was an orphan, she has a strong personality, and has managed to gain Alucard’s liking in the couple of minutes he saw her before he transformed her, all because she didn’t give up when she was in a complete pit of death. I have to admit myself that I’m starting to like Seras, although she has been shadowed in the back scene for a while now. I like how they finally brought back up the issue of her drinking blood, I had actually completely forgotten about it.
There’s so much plot going on everywhere that the characters aren’t very well explained as in other shows. They do try to fit in some character development, however in this show characters are almost considered secondary because there is so much plot and action going on. The producers also use a certain technique that implies switching scenes all the time. There are multiple things happening at the same time, and all this causes some sort of impression that what is happening is incredibly chaotic. It is a little confusing, however it follows the style of the anime, and leaves us at the edge of our seat at all times because we are always thrown some different bits of information that make the plot even more developed and make us want to watch more of this. Everything is happening so fast that, in all this organized chaos, there is barely any time for character explanations, and the development we see is shown through barely a couple of sentences. I love this changing scene technique however! It makes episode summaries a pain in the ass though…
*shivers* O_O

There’s also this one last thing I’m not too sure about. Now I’ve never seen the actual DVD version, but if anyone did, could someone please tell me if the actual quality of Alucard and Rip Van Winkle’s fight is as horrible as it is on streaming? :/ No matter the source, this scene is always extremely pixellized and disgusting, and I would probably rant about it, however I don’t know if it’s actually the episode or just streaming flaws…  Talking about this fight, I didn’t know Alucard could be more sadistic than he was in the last 3 episodes… Well, it is possible! This week, he has decided, instead of killing his victim right away, to impale her slowly, drink her blood and then feed off of her in a slowly, painful, sadistic way that is wonderfully pleasant to us spectators’ eyes. Seriously, this guy’s a psycho; I’m starting to wonder if he’ll ever have a chance of getting beaten by someone…
P.S.: Screencap-wise, I was very lazy this week. Deal with it.

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