One Piece Episode 489: The war is over!!! FINALLY!

After a week’s break, this episode has finally decided to appear and let us know what will happen once awesome Shanks has appeared. After his statement to bring an end to this war, everyone is astonished by his presence and all the marines are scared and freak considering he’s basically the strongest pirate in the world now that Whitebeard’s dead, I can understand why. Meanwhile, Luffy and Jimbei don’t get to witness this, as they are both lying unconscious in Law’s submarine, half-dead, getting their wounds treated. Shanks bribes asks Buggy to bring to Luffy the straw hat, and he does so right before Law closes the door of the submarine and disappears underwater.
Meanwhile, on the coast, one of Shanks’ crewmates asks the captain why he doesn’t want to see Luffy yet. After a freaking annoying flashback that we’ve seen at least 3 times already, no need for us to see it again Shanks replies that he would like to see him, but he can’t since they promised they would only see each other when Luffy has become a great pirate. He then turns around, and the 3 admirals are pissed that he let Luffy get away. Aokiji and Kizaru attempt to stop the submarine, however they miss and Hancock decides to go after them, giving the excuse to the marines that she will hunt them and kill Luffy herself not gonna happen. EVER.
Shanks, on his side, is ready to act and starts advancing, causing different reactions among people. Mihawk leaves, Buggy gets pissed and fails, but he always fails and the admirals seem a little angry/scared. Shanks keeps walking, then pulls out a speech about the uselessness of this war and why it should end, and comes to an agreement with Sengoku that this should stop and everyone should retreat. Thus, the Whitebeard War has now ended after ages.
I can’t believe this arc is finally over. To be honest, I was kinda getting sick of it in the end, I mean it just kept going on and on, and people just kept appearing all the time.
The whole war, however long it may have been, was pretty intense, I’ll admit that. To be honest, I think it was one of the best arcs we’ve seen so far. Since I read the manga for this one, I can’t exactly compare it to Enies Lobby which I marathoned in about 2 days because I wanted to know what was going to happen next but so many main plot points were developed in this war that I have no doubt I probably would’ve done the same for this arc if it wasn’t for the fact that I knew what was going to happen already Moreover, the episodes hadn’t aired yet, but that was details… whistles. The fact that 2 incredibly important characters died, and the fact that we saw Shanks and Blackbeard, 2 other really important characters in the main plot, made the story advance in so many ways, and really gave us an idea as to how the main plot will turn out (which we didn’t know exactly beforehand).
Now that this is over, I hope we’ll get to see the other Strawhat Pirates soon enough! I miss them and their craziness, if I were to point out the bad stuff about this war it would probably be the fact that they weren’t there at all. I also hated the fact that they made useless characters like Squard become somewhat important, although no one cared about them.
As for this specific episode, it had its own dose of badassness and amazingness, however I have to admit that those &?#*@&#@! flashbacks that we’ve seen tons of times are really annoying, and that is probably one of the biggest flaws of One Piece, that and the useless 5 min. summary at the beginning of each episode at least make it shorter...


Next week, we will witness the aftermath of the war, and the intensity of the episodes will most likely decrease. Hopefully, hopefully we’ll get to see the Strawhat pirates I know we won’t unfortunately, but SHH.

2 thoughts on “One Piece Episode 489: The war is over!!! FINALLY!

  1. fairy tail is gonna take over one piece why cause one pice is getting old being dragged out for way too long

    1. I would actually be REALLY surprised if that ever happened. Personally, I don’t enjoy Fairy Tail, but then again my opinion may differ from everyone else’s. I hardly doubt this would happen though, because as long as One Piece may be, most people who actually went through the trouble of those 400 episodes are hardcore fans like me who wouldn’t drop it. Animewise, though, it could be possible, eventually.
      However, if you check out the manga records, Fairy Tail would have to sell an insane amount of manga, because “One Piece has the highest total manga sales within Japan, and is currently Weekly Shōnen Jump’s most acclaimed and all-time best-selling title. The manga is the first to increase the sales of Weekly Shōnen Jump in eleven years. As of volume 46, the series has sold over 140,000,000 copies domestically and is the fastest manga to reach sales of 100,000,000.[1] ”
      If you wanna check it out, go down to the “Reception” section and there is more added to this.
      I’m not saying it’s impossible, I’m just saying I would be EXTREMELY surprised if that were to happen.

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