Hourou Musuko Episode 11 [Final]

After reciting with the class for the class place Nitori decides to ask Doi to help him write the script. The two successfully finish the script and  Later, Chiba invites Nitori and Tataksuki to hang out at her place to try on some dresses. The three of them somewhat returns to their days where they have fun amongst each other. Now the day for the cultural festival has arrive. Nitori encounters Anna and the two talk where as she explains and apologizes about their break up. After she finishes Nitori reveals that he still likes her, they are cut off with Chiba calling out from the window, telling Nitori to get moving or else he’ll be late for the show.

Final Impression:
Wait wait wait wait- what? THIS WAS THE LAST EPISODE?! ;A; COME ON, GIVE US MORE!!!!! So not cool! ;A;
What a bummer, it really doesn’t feel like the end at all. I hate to say it, but what a terrible wrap up. I was expecting more to it. : It sucks even more since we didn’t get to see Nitori act either – something in which I would have liked to see since he joined the drama clubs and such!!!
The episode, ugh – I hate ranting for Final Impressions, but I can’t help myself here… felt so rushed, not very organized, it felt like they just swept through everything almost brushing aside all the stuff that happened in the last few episodes. Anna’s exclamation why she broke up with him filled in a plot hole that I must have pretty much ignored because when she broke up with him, I didn’t think her say anything mean in particular. While I do understand that it’s her nature wanting to apologize to Nitori, it still felt somewhat random. Another thing that bothered me was how the whole ‘tensions’ between Doi and Nitori just vanished – POOF! Gone! Honestly I felt that was a turning point for Nitori because for once he stood up for himself and spoke his mind. Actually that reminds me, Anna said one of the traits she liked about him was that he spoke his mind, but really when did he ever? Anyhow that a disappointment, and while I’m at it – I still don’t quite understand Doi’s character. At this point it feels like that I’m forced to reach the conclusion that Doi isn’t intending to bug Nitori.
The next thing that pissed me off was – yes I got another: was Ariga’s out of blue statement about how he was jealous of Nitori. I was like, “Wait what? Why are you saying this now?” Seriously, just what? I understand and I have noticed the hints that he envied Nitori, but even so- it still just didn’t sound right for me.
With the bad stuff over and done with about the episode, let me tell you what I liked about the show overall.
Flawless Animation: By far this is probably the most gorgeous, and I must say best quality animation I’ve seen in a while. Every week, not once did I notice any flaws, and if there were any I didn’t take notice of them which is HUGE for someone such as myself.
Characters were likable: You can’t the characters of the main group, but then again some of you may have low tolerance for Chiba’s terrible attitude.
The General Plot Pace: While I just have ranted about how terrible the pacing was for this episode, from episode 1 to 9, I found the pace for the plot was going by very smoothly. Thanks to that we were able to learn more about the characters. So this is the main reason why I am frustrated how this episode turned out.
Inspiring: Last but not least, this show by all means has so much meaning and that’s what makes it so inspiring. It’s all about staying true to yourself, no matter how people around you take it. Nitori was determined and desired to go to school as a girl, and he did only to get a bad response from the administrators. But even so, he continues despite telling himself that he won’t – continues to dress up as a girl. It’s all up to you about who you want to be.
Overall Score:
Plot: 6/10 – The plot was good, but the wrap up was just terrible.
Characters: 8/10I‘m taking out ‘development’ since I found it focused more on who the characters are and that no major development was really important. It was really about the characters staying true to themselves, taking a chance, dealing with people who don’t think nicely of them because they are different, or like in Chiba’s case, bad attitude. I’m giving this an 8/10 because with only eleven episodes, they weren’t really able to focus on any of the other characters such as Ariga for instance.
Animation Quality: 10/10 –  My god, this was piece of art! It was flawless, and I’m so happy how well they stuck to the manga’s character design which is why it’s so beautiful.
OST: I’m not going to give this a rating because I found that I didn’t even notice the OST at all. But I got to say, the OP and ED songs were both really addicting.
Recommended: YES, If you love slice of life with a reality check to it, then you’ll love this. Just don’t hold your breath for this episode in particular, everything else is fine.


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  1. Myst says:

    I actually found this show to be going sooooo sloooooww… Also, there was a lot of stuff that wasn’t mentioned, that or I completely missed some parts… For example, the whole relationship thing with Anna, I didn’t even know she broke up with him until this episode, when she was apologizing about it… Also, I thought there were many characters that weren’t explained properly, I mean you read the manga so for you it was easy to understand but there was a lot of things (like Nitori’s hatred towards Doi) that literally had to be guessed. Just by reading your posts sometimes I got more information than in the actual episode… XD

    • Eva says:

      Anna broke up with him back in episode 10. Their scene however was VERY brief. And yeah i think that’s the main problem with this show. While yes it’s targeted for the fans who love the manga, it doesn’t help for those who haven’t read it. Perhaps it would have been alot better if they started off like the manga did, and followed it up with this as a second season instead. Perhaps that would have helped clear the plotholes and such. : It’s a shame too, I really liked it but just very unhappy how it ended.

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