Arriving in the world of Narina spirit world, Ruka discovers a town where the spirits have transformed into chibis children thanks to the Cursed Needles. With her duel monsters no longer in hand due to being captured by the Demonic Monkey King’s minions, she gets help from Trunka, who helps her search for Regulus. In the mean time, Rua desperately fights for his life, determined to somehow overcome the Dark Signer he’s fighting again.
… Ruka just entered the world of Narnia... again.
Ruka has displayed to be not only intelligent in duels, but she he a smart kid with a kind nature. Well we knew the ‘kind’ part already, but whatever. Her interactions with Trunka was pretty cute, but it didn’t hold my interest very long. It was sweet of her to carry Trunka despite all the whining he was doing. Anyways, now that the two of them found Regulus, I wonder how they are going to talk to him. If you haven’t noticed (or rather it should already be obvious) that there’s a Negative Tuner cuffed to his back leg. Considering how he doesn’t look – well, ‘friendly’ at the moment, I’m pretty sure that’s what screwing his mind.
Rua now, he’s going to give him some credit. He’s such a good brother, and I got to give him a hand for going this far in putting up a fight against Demak. Rua also has matured so much that he is far more composed during duels. He also evaluating his opponents better and does his best to think through of the possibilities. However with the Earthbound God just around the corner now, I wonder how he’s going to hold up.
God~ this episode so boring. That’ll be it. I got nothing else to say.
OH YEAH ON THE EXTRA NOTE: Why am I getting the feeling that Yusei will pop up at everyone’s duel? Actually speaking of which, where the hell is the 5th signer? OH OH AND! I felt bad for Powertool Dragon. ;A; It like, wanted to roar like all the other dragons but it was like link, “BLINK!” ;A;


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