Everyone went to the pool to enjoy a good day together, but the day turns out even more memorable than what It was  first supposed to be.



This is it, the final episode of Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? ! And to celebrate we will be granted an episode made entirely of fan services yai !

This episode was kind of bland compared to the last one, the story is kind of over and now we were presented with an episode made of randomness and pointlessness. I know it might sound weird to talk about randomness in Kore wa zombie desu ka, but this was not the usual randomness, it was simply an episode that didn’t follow the story or the atmosphere of the show.

The episode did gave us a good look of sexy outfit for each of our favorite characters.


Haruna swimsuit could have been a monokini, I mean even without a top part, it is not like she has much to support.

I didn’t find her swimsuit any more special than any other one, and her flat physique didn’t help to make me notice it.

She's been naked so often, it is not like we can see anything new

But when the show kicked in, she sure knew how to become an instant punk star with her deadly new look.

That girl sure knows how to punk rock

At the end of the episode even with the sexiest outfit imaginable, I still prefer Eucliwood to Haruna in term of sexyness, I just can’t help but look at Haruna as if she was a 14 years old, and unfortunately I’m not a pedophile so I can’t enjoy the view .

Sorry Haruna, I chose Eucliwood over you anytime


Seraphim has always been quite self-conscious about her body, so even though she is quite exposed with her new swimsuit, she is still acting in a way to stay hidden from views.

Oh wait, she's on stage in swimsuit

But what really striked me was when she changed costume to the ultimate sexyness on stage…


THIS IS AWESOME!! but it doesn’t even ends here, when Ayumu casts his wonderful spell, she let herself be exposed to punish the puny insect.

that must be the best way to die


That girl is even hotter than sera on stage before sera goes into her first super sayan sexy mode.

Spot light for the hottest girl around

I don’t know why, she has more clothes than anyone else, but she’s still my favorite.

Just look how beautiful that girl is

She is by far my favorite


Eucliwood ended up with a school official swimsuit, I know this is the fetish of a lot of people, unfortunately, it doesn’t do it for me.

I know you love that you pervert

Higher up we also saw what she looked like in skinnier and lighter swimsuit, and I must say it is quite more enjoyable to watch the less clothing there is.


Ayumu is cuter than ever wearing Eucliwoods armor, he must have achieve a whole new level in his fantasy wearing the pieces of armor that Eucliwood wears for everything, eating, bathing, showering…hummm


He spent about half of the story dressed as a girl

Now that was a cute display of outfits for this episode, and I guess it is about all that really happened in this episode beside of one last very important thing…

Eucliwood voices is amazing when she sings, it is too cute to bear. I wish she could speak more often, but then again, the fact that we can’t hear her beautiful voice most of the time is a big part of what makes this magical.

Now this episode was sub-par for a finale, so I would like to consider it more like an extra episode, a bonus fan service to give some extra air time for the different characters to shine a bit more.

Things I liked about this episode:

  • We got to see more of each characters

  • Yuu’s voice is soothing


This episode was so-so, but if the objective was to have a laid back finale to conclude the return to normal day-to-day life, this was a success, everything seems to be going for the best. Next week I’ll have the final impression of Kore wa Zombie desu ka? for you all to enjoy, I look forward to it, I hope you do too.

ZeroG signing off.

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  1. SabbaKimmo

    Boo Hoo Hoo… ㅠㅠ I am so sad… I loved this show and watched from beginning. The problem with Light Novel Manga is that second season Anime does not usually come out. I really really hope that second season comes out though.

    1. ZeroG

      They did hinted at a second season at the very end of the anime, when some unknown girl with weird apparel turned to look at Ayumu, this does indicate the possibility of a second storyline.

      Now will they go through with it? I don’t know

  2. ryvrdrgn14

    This entire show was randomness done right. 🙂

    1. ZeroG

      I agree completely with you, Structured randomness might be a weird concept, but they did it and it was wonderful to see

  3. Myst

    I never thought making a serious parody could ever be done so epicly :).

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