The competition to get Ichika is now officially opened by Chifuyu, The girl have been told to fight for him if they really want him. But before anyone of them could make a move, a priority one alert occurs and Ichika and his harem needs to prepare for a dangerous mission.


Cecilia, oh dear Cecilia, while I love your dirty mind and straight forward approach, you are sometimes just too much for me. Why would you go and sit at a japanese table if you know you can’t do it? Now you can’t eat and you look like a fool. But then again you did manage to get Ichika to feed you, I guess you kind of won in the end didn’t you?

But this was all too good to be true, girls easily get jealous, even more so when there is only one guy for a thousand girl, I would highly recommend for most of the girl to try to become lesbians, their chance of finding someone would be significantly higher, after all I believe Ichika’s penis is only a legend anyway, he can’t be a real guy, he looks more like a pussy to me.

Still maybe there is some man left in him, since he asked Cecilia to meet him at his room later in the night. Of course Cecilia, forgetting that Ichika is more innocent than an angel, dress up properly in lingerie for the event. But when she show up to the front of Ichika’s door, she is greeted by the rest of Ichika’s Harem listening at the guys door.

What is this? Wincest anal?

It looks like brother and sister are having some “fun time” inside their room. Something about “It’s been a while since we’ve done that”, “Do it harder…hummm” and “Oh no ! not there !” the girls seems to have misinterpreted the situation, since after they broke down the door from their combined weight on  it, they realized Ichika was simply giving Chifuyu a message.

Ahhh, I was secretly wishing for wincest 🙁

Those dirty minded teenager ! of course no wincest would happen there !

Anyway, after sending Ichika away, the teacher tells the girl to be real competitive if they want her little brother, because she won’t let him get away and they will have to fight hard for him. Finally it is set, the race is on ! If they want their love filled with Ichika they will have to increases their level of play, that should be interesting.

But this is not all, the very next morning a new character joins the crew, it is Houki’s older sister, Tabane. The girl is quite excentric and extremely energetic.

This Bunny girl came with her promised new IS for her younger sister, and the IS is a fourth generation, the first of its kind. It is quite funny that even though IS 3rd generation are still prototypes, the 4th generation is already out and ready.

I would be cautious to try a machine design by a girl wearing bunny ears

Anyway, now turns out they will get some real piece of action real soon, since a berserk IS is coming their way. And of course who’s better equip to fight a berserk IS than some first year student ! After all they have loads of experience and they know how to fight. Oh hell, why not choose Ichika to be the key player in the fight? after all he never won a single battle and he can’t fight for shit, so why not really? Now everything sounds good for success, just to be sure, lets add a new untested IS into a main role, because you know, we don’t have enough failing factor yet.

Now we can cross our fingers and call ourselves great tacticians, fuck ya !

We’ll see what our awesome strategy will do next time on Infinite Stratos.

Things I liked about this episode:

  • Houki finally got her own personal machine ! She will be useful again !

  • Implied Wincest made me lol


Well this could be the beginning of something interesting right there, might also be the beginning of a huge failure, we’ll see. Also, Houki’s sister is annoyingly energetic, lets hope she dies. Next week episode will be covered by Oki, so look out for her review next time.

ZeroG signing off