It has been a few months since Hellscythe ran away, Everyone have not yet lost hope in finding her and bringer her back, but on their search for their friends, they might find a terrible foe instead.


It has been a while since the last episode, so let’s do a in-depth recap of last episode. Last episode, Hellscythe ran away.

Alright, now that the recap is cleared up, we can go on with the main show.

The episode begins with a slightly down and depressed Ayumu, this could be explained by the fact that his dear lolly girl is not there anymore. He must spend most of his day looking for her, even though he has no clue where to look for. Haruna and Sera are doing the same.

Haruna came back violently from the world of the masou shoujo, but she doesn’t look too concerned about yuu disappearance, she appears to be more interested in food than anything else in the world.

Sera on the other hand came back quite bruised up from her search. She did her masochist and searched her village for Hellscythe, even though she knew she was not welcomed. Atleast her huge boobs must have protected her because she came back in one piece.

Even after so many time they couldn’t even get a clue of where Hellscythe went. They are clueless and are simply never giving up on their search for their lost friend.

But things don’t turn out like they believe it would, instead of finding the one they love, they ended up finding the “evil-ex-zombie” of Eucliwood. The Zombie turn out a bit more powerful than the trio.

He is able to use some kind of dark energy that he uses to chain up his enemy and he seems to be able to annihilate someone with mere thoughts. Ayumu is quickly torn to shred while Sera got immobilized in a very bondage-like way by The evil-ex-zombie-of-eucliwood’s shadow chains of night and doomsday. But at last, ninja arrived to save the day.

It is funny how you could just get rid of her clothes and this would be a classic Hentai scene

The very next day Sera sees Eucliwood, looking back at their home, but before the vampire-ninja can say a single word she is mortally wounded by the evil zombie. Eucliwood looks so much colder than ever before in that scene when she walks calmly next to her dying friend, if it was not for her turning back an instant and saving her, I would have tought she was mentally dead and her body was moving by magic alone.

Did you know: that vampire ninja stores the blood they drink in their boobs? that is why Sera's got such large breasts and in this scene her breasts are leaking

Sera, now that she is saved by Eucliwood, warns Haruna and Ayumu of what is going on, and this leads to… A friendly supper ! of course ! why not really? While everyone is quietly enjoying their meal, ninja appears from nowhere and ruins all the fun. So Haruna ended up with a bomb on her head and Ayumu had to put it on his head and sacrifice himself to save everyone, of course he is a zombie so that sacrifice didn’t meant much to him.

I wish I could be immortal like him, even with a bomb ready to explode on his head he looks so relaxed

Things I liked about this episode:

  • There seems to be development in the story between Eucliwood and her ex-zombie

  • Sera is a bit less bitchy than before


While the episode was good, I felt there was something missing, it felt as if the episode was too much on the line between humour and seriousness, so I felt kind of lost as a viewer midway through, do I need to look at this part seriously or just casually? I was confused. I like the serious part of Kore wa zombie desu ka just as much as the silly satirical one, but I really need to see one or the other, not both at the same time. Also I need to apologize for the delay on this post, WordPress got some problem last night and all my work got erase and I had to rewrite it all…

ZeroG signing off

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  1. Psycho

    This episode got some low lightning scene and I don’t like this.
    It feel like watching LOL Heroes again.

  2. SabbaKimmo

    I wonder why Sera was pushed around by her ninja-village-ninjas for just looking for where Yuu went. She could have just said, “I am looking for her so I could kill her!!!” Then she would not have so much trouble

    1. ZeroG

      I believe she must have told the truth to everyone in her clan, because even though she is a ninja she never seemed to be all that stealthy and cunning in her action

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