After coming back from a deep sleep, Ayumu, Haruna and Sera are going to fight their final battle against the King of Night, A final confrontation to save Eucliwood.


This episode is the prime example of why I believe Kore wa zombie desu ka? is amazing. It is the perfect mix between Satire and Epicness.

The episode begins with Sera, Haruna and Maelstrom working together to gather piece of Ayumu back together. After the explosion at the end of last episode, Ayumu is kind of lying around town at various places.

Lets hope they didn't forget any important part, otherwise it will hurt like a bitch when he'll need to pee

But this time even after being brought back together, Ayumu didn’t woke up.

Our dear zombie friend is in some kind of twilight zone, his mind is tormented by his failure to save Eucliwood and he doesn’t want to face reality anymore. He is content with being alone if it means not having to face the consequence of his failure. He expects everyone to hate him, he deceived them, he did not live up to their expectation of him. To appear weak in front of the one we love, isn’t that one of the worst kind of humiliation?

But, what happens in the real world and in Ayumu’s mind are two complete opposite, while Ayumu imagines his friends running away from him, they are instead trying to wake him up by any way possible.

Atleast Dai-sensei comes to help Haruna to explore her inner power, THE POWER OF LOVE! With this newfound power she is able to reach to Ayumu’s heart and bring him back to the world.

This scene is a reenactment of everyone’s and anyones bad moment in life. We all had this one time where we were feeling down, we failed at something and disappointed ourselves, we couldn’t bear looking the people we knew in their eyes anymore. But when those times happened, there was always this special someone near us, it could be a family member, a friend or a lover, but this person, she would come down the abyss that formed in our mind and pulled us back into reality.  That is how life works for human, we are all weak, but together, with the help of another weak being, we become stronger.

We are pirates, the more there is of us, the scarier and the most gruesome we are ! oh wait, that might not be the best example I could have chosen…

Anyway back to Kore wa Zombie desu ka? !

Ayumu finally wakes up from his slumber and he walks naked towards the window, because he enjoys being watched while cloth-less.

She looks unimpressed

Meanwhile Sera met with her now rival vampire comrade who told her the best quote of this episode.

What are the odds that we find someone with all those characteristics!

This is one of many beautiful way of how this show parody the whole genre while still making the show sounds like a real serious and epic story.

Now Haruna and Ayumu are fighting an epic battle against the King of darkness and doom, and with their combined Mahou Shoujo power, they are able to match its strength.

I still love this quote even if it has been used many times

But while they are fighting, Sera is on top of the building playing music to defeat lots of giant whales… oh my god that show is hilarious.

How much more Hilarious/Epic can this get?

But Sera’s power is not enough, so an army of vampire ninja in maid costume playing classical music appear to help her out… brb dying of laughter.

Inside the battle rage on and finally the King of darkness resign in front of Ayumu and he gets his wish granted, he gets killed by Eucliwood. Why does she decides now to finally kill him after all the trouble as already been done? no fucking clue. That is one mystery I don’t get, but nonetheless. Ayumu has finally saved his princess and she speaks back to him, oh yes she does, with her real voice and all. What a wonderful happy ending to this show… oh wait, this is episode 11, there are still at least 1 or 2 more to go right?

Next week, we go to the beach…good cause it is still under zero here.

Things I liked about this episode:

  • The quotes were amazing

  • This finale was awesomely epic

  • I was laughing my ass off for the whole show

  • we heard Yuu speak !


I wish this was the show last episode, not because the show sucks, quite the opposite, simply because this episode was the most brilliant of them all and therefore I don’t want there to be a less interesting episode following this one, I want to leave this show with epic mental memories of vampire ninja maid fighting flying whales with their melody…

But still, we will see each other next time, for next week episode of Kore wa zombie desu ka, nudity will be present I am sure !

ZeroG signing off.