Yusei gets all angst about the idea that he is the one at fault for Kiryu’s death. Jack decides to snap him out of it by punching him. Rua and Ruka have their siblings bonds talk, and Aki is all set to go on a mission. In the mean time Crow has a Duel against Yeager after mistaking him for a Dark Signer.
First, there was only one epic thing about this episode.  That was simply Jack using the Falcon Punch against Yusei. And Jack, usually we don’t say this when someone punch another, but good job. It had to be done the manly way to snap Yusei out of his angst moment.

This episode was boring because of the lack of actions. Crow’s duel against Yeager made it more bearable because not only it was the only duel that happened this episode, but there was alot of humor involved due to Crow acting totally OC. At the same time, we learn that Yeager on a mission with a hidden agenda working with Godwin and god knows what they are investigating but it certainly involves the Dark Signers considering he went to the deepest part of Satellite.
One of the things however, that made me squeal in this episode was how concerned Jack is about Carly – okay so maybe I might be overreacting, but I still find it incredibly sweet. With her as a Dark Signer (and he is still unaware of it) I’m SO looking forward to their duel!!!!!!!!
Now signers, I hope you folks are all pumped up ready to go because we got some more important business to take care of. We got some psychos and sweethearts on the loose and you folks are literally the last hope for humanity – in Neo Domino and Satellite at the very least.
=3= And that’s it. I know, it’s painful for me too, trust me.


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