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So Yusei and the gang heads over to Satellite and decides to land at Martha’s place where they reunite and learn more about what’s happening to Satellite. At the same time, Ushio gets a reality check about what kind of people live in satellite and overcomes a small heartbreak with Martha’s help. However not too long later, the Dark Signer who bares the mark of the Spider shows up declaring that he would like to duel one of the signers. Yusei decides to take him on and take the duel elsewhere as far as possible, only to find that three children from the orphanage decided to follow them and are trapped within geoglyph, forcing him to race against time and defeat Rudger before he has the chance to summon the Earthbound God and use their souls an the sacrifice.


There was alot happening in this episode. Ushio was getting character development, Martha was being awesome, Yusei starting his duel with the Dark Spider Signer and is forced to race against time and beat him before Rudger can summon the Earthbound God that will require sacrificing anyone who is within the flames of the geoglyph. I think one of the best parts about this episode was the change and development in Ushio’s character. It was nice to see him growing a soft side and better understanding towards Satellite people, and realizing that really they are no different, they too have dreams and are worthy of existence. One of the major influences was the little boy Takuya, who is inspired to become an security officer. At the same time, his crush for Mikage is growing and within a heartbeat was crushed to see that all she thinks about is Jack.
While Jack is on topic, his reasons – well as we know the main one is to find Carly and save her, as well as protect Satalite. That guy can deny all he wants, but we all know that deep within his heart, he is sincerely concerned about Satalite’s fate. After all, his foster mother (Martha) is there too. You can’t say that he doesn’t care about her. Oh now that I have mentioned those two, I was laughing hysterically when Martha was like, “OH JACK DO WHAT YOU ALWAYS DID WHEN YOU WERE YOUNGER 8D 8D 8D“, oh my god. It was so cute. Dude I’ll hand it to you for actually doing it in front of everyone – and Yusei totally saw this coming, that’s why he was grinning.

So the duel with Rudger, Yusei totally cracked me up when replied to Rudger’s remark about how he was going to make him dance. I couldn’t stop laughing because of the way Yusei was not only smirking, but his remark was full of win, “I’m a lousy dancer”. I bet he always wanted to say that, I mean come on look at his face and you tell me – that is so the case.

Yusei is struggling not to laugh!

Back to Martha, who I saved as best for last. She was the major support for Ushio’s character development. It was her who helped distract him and make him do things that he wouldn’t normally do to help him not only stop feeling down, but give him a better understanding about the people of Satellite. And then (mind you I am not saying this in order) she made Jack do something that he wouldn’t do normally in front of the public (at his age), and to top things off – and you guys all know it, (it was written all over her face) that she was ecstatic to see that Yusei successfully helped Aki and is dying, not to mention tempted to taunt him about their future relationship. Yusei was properly so relieved – god I just realized I’m talking about this as if they were real people, oh what the heck, characters are characters. Scenerios happens, we’re allowed to mess around right? RIGHT? *SHOT* WHAT? Don’t look at me like that, I’m having fun. D:
=3= Okay I’ll stop here before I get carried away. I said the most of what I was supposed to be talking about anyways before I got a little carried away…


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