While Sawako is in her house with her friends, and Kazehaya is somewhere else with his friends a random house, I dunne the place, both can’t help but think of the other and want to see each other the next day.
The next day, everyone is busy getting ready for the second part of the festival and Sawako is ghastly she’s not stressed or anything… I mean, she really is ghastly.

Here's the proof, if you don't believe me!

Anyways, after a bit of a funny scene involving Joe’s amazing costume come on, that’s totally original! Isn’t it sweet?, Kazehaya decides to go look for Kuronuma, then they have a bit of a conversation Kuronuma talks all the time about happiness only Kuronuma’s and as she walks farther away Kazehaya pulls out an absolutely amazing smile and then yells out to Kuronuma that he likes her CUTE RANT CUTE RANT CUTE RANT OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DON’T EVEN NEED TO SAY ANYTHING, I CAN’T EVEN BECAUSE I’M SIMPLY OVERWHELMED BY CUTE MOMENTS!!!! 😀, as everyone looks at him in surprise.
The festival then goes on well, Sawako does an amazing job for the parade Wooh! You’ve improved so much, I’m so proud of you tears a little, and after the festival is over Kazehaya goes to see Sawako and they get much closer, which is definitely going to make me fangirl all over the place about the cuteness of this for the next few hours :D.
Once again, this episode was absolutely beautiful. I’m really happy about the animation, seriously, the cute scenes look real and are seriously amazing. This episode was great, at first I thought it would be another one of these “nothing happens and they just smile at each other” episodes, it turns out it definitely wasn’t and the whole thing was absolutely pretty and really cute.
I personally really loved Kazehaya’s smile, and particularly his loud confession. I find it a little weird that he was really shy and now suddenly it’s like “HEY I LIKE YOUUUU”, but I find it fits in much better with his personality, and I really like that about him. As for the smile, well… I mean… Girls, you know what I mean… ^.^
There were also a couple of funny parts which I liked in this episode. I didn’t laugh as much as I sometimes do in this show, but it was well done nonetheless and once again I liked the fact that there was still some ridiculous humour despite the cute romance.
Anyways, all this to mention that I thought I was getting a little tired of shoujos, you know, being older and all, and with them being all alike and all… Nahhh… I can’t get tired of such cuteness… It’s a fact.
hehe 😀