Dororon Enma-kun Meramera Ep 1: Indescribable Insanity that will CORRUPT YOUR MIND [First Impression]

A young girl named Harumi ends up going with a few boys from her neighborhood to hunt for demons at their school. Much to her horror, after she goes in to look for them, she discovers that they have all lost their faces. Freaking out, Harumi ends up stumbling and falling into the pool where as she is saved by a demon frog named Kapaeru. He takes her to a hideout where she meets Yukihime and Enma who reveals they are a squad meant to hunt down demons that are messing with humans. Harumi reports about her friends losing their faces and learns that it’s the doing of a demon known as the Face Stealer. After a long debate about who would act as the bait, Harumi volunteers in Kapaeru’s place.

Eva’s First Impression:
Comedy [✓] Check.
Fantasy [✓] Check.
Magic [✓] Check.
Sexual Content and Actions + Perverted Jokes [✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓]

I’m going to break this down in the order of my reactions:
When I first heard of this anime I was like: O_O
Then when I saw the genre I was like, O3O then I started watching it I went from OΔO to TΔT < this is my dismay face.
I couldn’t believe what I was watching. I was laughing, but I was just – oh god, when Enma and the Face Eater started fighting, that’s when my brain exploded into smithereens from the amount of sexual jokes that were just too much for me – but I still managed to watch it to the very end, and it was only then I realized exactly what the gossip granny was spinning. The characters, especially Harumi were killing me. Harumi’s reactions and behavior was enjoyable to watch and the fact she kept on going on and on about having to go pee just made it funnier than it already was. Enma’s character, he’s a twisted pervert who doesn’t complete or do his duties properly. Yukihime and Kapaeru were also fun to watch. The hat, he kind of reminded me that Shinigami character from Soul Eater, don’t ask why because I don’t quite understand myself.
There’s no way, absolutely no way I can continue blogging this, let alone watch this. I can tell you right now that it was hilarious, people who enjoy are fond of sexual jokes will love this show, and last but not least the animation is different and it stands out very well. Oki or Moe would probably definitely have fun covering this show if they don’t end up traumatized like the other two and myself. Sadly, this isn’t for me.
Possibility of Blogging: NO


Zero’s First Impression:
I think a part of my brain was damaged from watching this. This show is made for stoners, there is no way to enjoy it unless you are intoxicated. The story has the depth of a show for 6 years old and the humor of trashy teenagers. I wish I never saw this, my poor angelic mind feels violated. I will not cover this show, else I might end up in a psychiatric hospital before the season ends.
If you are a stoner, THIS SHOW IS AWESOME !!! It will let you continue your buzz even longer than before and shit is all colorful and funny dude.
For non-stoner, please never this or you might suffer long term brain damage.
Possibility of Blogging: NO
Myst’s First Impression
O______O What… the… hell…
You know, I thought a lot of shows this season were weird… Until I saw this. I was soooo disturbed by just… everything. Sure, the show wasn’t too bad… Ok, scratch that, this show completely traumatized me. The granny is about to give me FREAKIN’ NIGHTMARES, the whole show is absolutely retarded and it doesn’t even make me funny because it’s so much nonsense my brain is permanently numb when I’m watching this and it’s so numb  I can’t even laugh O___O I was finding this kinda okay, but then when the licking face monster started using his dick as a sword I think that’s what made part of my brain cells curl up and die. Don’t ever make me watch this ever again or my brain will suffer serious damage and I might just become a psychopath and start making everyone blow up. Seriously.

Possibility of Blogging: NO WAY OR ELSE PEOPLE WILL SUFFER


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