Clain finds himself stunned from shock as Phryne’s father reveals a cruel and disgusting secret about his ‘relationship’ with Phryne. Phryne eventually takes action (however it seems that she wasn’t exactly conscious about her actions) and stabbed him, taking her chance to run away. Nessa decides to chase after her leaving Clain still standing there dumbfounded. As Phryne runs she freaks out how her hands were tainted by her father’s blood and is quickly reassured and calmed down by Nessa. Elsewhere, Clain makes his way down the corridor, still in shock about the truth. He runs into Enri and her brother, followed up quickly by Sundan who tells Enri and his brother to get out and evacuate while he and Clain go out to find Phryne to prevent her from being killed by Alabaster.

Final Impression:
O_o; Is it just me, or am I the only one not satisfied with the way series are getting wrapped today?
Well that was rather a confusing way to wrap up the story. I don’t know where to start…
Okay, so I was extremely confused at what kind of action Alabaster’s leader took. When he hugged Moeran I was like, “WTF?” I’m still trying to figure out whether one of the two had a suicide bomb attached to them or something (since there was a huge explosion) because last time I checked, Dias wanted to kill Phryne right? So this turn of events was very confusing. Next Sunda. God damn it, it sucked that he had to be killed. It’s a real shame because I liked his character. I feel bad for Enri, that makes two brothers dead thanks to the Fractale organization. At least I’m happy that they made it out alive.
Last but not least (yeah I really don’t have much to say about this episode), I found this episode just, I don’t even know how to describe it – plain confusing. The spent an unnecessary, large amont of time on Phryne’s father mocking and bragging about how Phryne is all his and blah blah disgusting bullshit. I was seriously just waiting for Clain (though in the back of my head i already knew that Clain wouldn’t be able to come to shoot him). I found everything that happened this episode was not connected well enough to make sense. I’m not sure whether it’s the lack of sleeping causing me to maybe act ‘bias’ about how the episode turned out, but I know for a fact it did not satisfy me. Also seriously, the strangest part of all was that last part when they were in the Fractale Key chamber or whatever it was where they saw a video footage/memory that belonged to Phryne. @_@; It just felt that it happened so randomly…
What I did find rather sweet, was that Clain waited for Phryne to awaken from her deep slumber, and when she did much to our surprise it was Nessa’s personality and voice that was in control of Phryne’s body. While that’ the case, Phryne’s memory also resides, so she remembers how she felt towards Clain and his confession. I’m happy that neither of them are alone and that they are together.
Overall, Fractale is a unique story that can’t be judged by its cover. There were many surprises that made me second guess about how the show was going to turn out. One of the charms that made me very interested in this show was not the animation, but in fact the refreshing new sort of story. While there are many stories that are alike, share similar traits and wraps up, it’s has been a long time since I felt the show was going to be refreshing right off the bat with the first episode.
In Fractale there are several different kind of characters. You got innocent, stubborn, rebellious, and corrupted groups of characters that influenced each other’s behavior. Nessa, as you can guess was one of the innocent characters. At first she was obvious to the disasters and negative emotions. She then developed and adapted to those things fairly fast. Then you got the stubborn. That would be Clain, Phryne and Nessa again. The rebellious, clearly everyone in L.M who spread silly rumors that Clain was a pervert due to Enri jumping to conclusions. The corrupted, you know who they are: Alabaster’s  leader Dias, Moeran, and worst of all Phryne’s ‘father’. Speaking of Phryne’s father, it was because of his disgusting character that he made me second guess how this show was going to turn out. When they revealed about his disturbing behavior towards Phryne, that freaked me out – big time.
Plotwise, Clain had come to learn about the dark secret behind the Fractale system and grows to learn how to cherish a normal life that involves being independent from the the Fractale system. Thanks to that he was able to see outside of what the Fractale system had to offer. Then you have Phryne and Nessa, two girls that serve the temple as the ‘key’ for the Fractale System.
Overall Score:
Plot: 6/10 – Could have been stronger. A better conclusion probably would have helped.
Character Development: 7/10 – Clain’s character had excellent character development, however Phryne’s I find could have been stronger.
Animation Quality: 5/10 – Hate to say it, but there was alot of episodes when the animation was just not good. Also they made Nessa’s hair a different color from the promo poster which is totally weird, so that takes away one point.
OST: 3/10 – MY GOD. IT WAS SO FREAKING ANNOYING. Plus it was so unoriginal. Not something I’d like to get my hands on, moreover have to listen to continuously.
Recommendation: Depends on your taste. It’s not horrible to the point that I wouldn’t recommend to watch it, but at the same time I can’t find myself to recommend either. It’s not something that I’d ever find myself wanting to watch over again. My suggestion would be watch this when you’re bored or just wanting some to watch for the time being. –what the heck that’s the same thing.


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