What’s Kuroneko’s real name? gasp That is the question we are confronted with as Kuroneko starts on her first year in the same high school as Kyousuke.

I like your way of thinking 🙂

It only takes the opening though, and the first 2 words spoken afterwards are her name: Gokou Ruri my attempt at turning this into a cliffhanger failed miserably… Thanks, show. We then learn that Saori doesn’t want Kyousuke to be a loner trust me, since his sister left he must feel free like the wind!, and so her and Kuroneko I refuse to call her Gokou invade his house and do whatever they feel like doing. They have a short conversation where Kyousuke admits that he feels less enslaved I KNEW IT!, Kuroneko states that she hates Kirino no big news here and Saori is the only one showing feelings and saying that she misses her and she’s mad at her because she left without barely saying anything.
After agreeing that they should hang out somewhere soon, school happens, and Kyousuke, Manami and Kuroneko go around the clubs to see what’s available. Kuroneko completely humiliates the Game Research club, telling them to bluntly “go die”, then leaves in a badass and bitchy way only she can do Hello Kuroneko, you are now my new love.
Don't try to hide it, we all saw that evil smile!

After a scene where Kyousuke notices Kuroneko has no friends, he tries to help her, then is interrupted by Saori’s crazy fantasies where apparently Kyousuke would want Kuroneko for sex As hilarious as this was I DID NOT THINK THIS SHOW WAS RETARDED LIKE THAT!. Afterwards it is decided that Kuroneko will join the Game Research Club the one she completely dissed the day before and so she does, where Kyousuke meets someone he met last episode The creepy dude. Remember, with the Bike of Shame? HIM. Please note: This show is weird. Funny, but weird. More stuff happens in this scene, and the only important info concerns a certain Akagi, a new member of the club who has a name that rings a bell in Kyousuke’s ears…
After a scene where Kuroneko accuses Kyousuke that she’s being Kirino’s replacement you are., both encounter Akagi, who is apparently in Kuroneko’s class and they both hate each other already oh joy. More haters. Kyousuke, sighing I totally understand decides to check something: He starts talking to Akagi, and after some time manages to figure out who she is: his friend’s sister, the one who’s obsessed with Yaoi. After a small conversation, the scene goes on and we realize that Akagi is COMPLETELY INSANE IN THE BRAIN and she fantasizes over club members being raped O___________O.
Hehehe. Hehe. Hehe. This is funny XD.
Heck, this show is always funny though, so let’s talk about something else, shall we?
It looks as though Kuroneko is being literally used as a replacement for Kirino this time. I’m not quite sure what to think of it, as funny as it is, I find it kinda weird that she’d fall for Kyousuke and it would end up creating some more rivalry between her and Kirino. Also, I realize now that I enjoyed very much ranting about slavery, and I kinda miss Kirino for that reason… I hated her but it was fun to talk about it!
As for the actual storyline, I found it quite interesting… I find it a little stupid that Kyousuke would pity Kuroneko and try and make her have some friends It’s a boring storyline…, however to make her join the Game Research Club and own everyone else in the whole club will definitely be of a certain interest. The plot is a little predictable, she will become friends with Akagi, however there’s so much humour implemented into it that I’m sure it’ll be great. This episode in itself made me laugh a lot, seeing the degree of obsession Akagi is into Yaoi creeped me out a little however it was hilarious nonetheless.
*My face when she told everyone what was going on through her head*

…Oh, and of course, Kuroneko’s evil personality was amazing, and Manami’s cute personality was adorable ^^ I had forgotten how amazing these two secondary characters were! As for Saori, well her little fantasies at the beginning of this episode traumatized me more than anything else O_O.
Once again, for the technical stuff: Money makes the world go round. The ED was really nice, the art was still amazing and the familiar OST of the show made everything awesome!

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  1. ryvrdrgn14

    I really like this part with the heroine swap in the story and I am hoping more of the story gets animated in the future.
    I’d love to say more, but we’re just in the middle of the arc so I’ll probably wait for the rest of it to play out first. 🙂

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