The episode starts off as Grevil receives a menacing calls from his superior I believe it is his father, telling him to watch over his sister. He then has a final thought for “Jacqueline” whoever that is and the opening sequence takes over.
Once that is done, the Jacqueline in question she’s the random lady at the end if episode 10! is seen, she is very independent and seems like the kind of girl who does whatever she wants. After a scene where 2 people bump into each other and do not exchange suitcase at all COUGHCOUGH, Jacqueline goes to Kujo’s school, precisely the library that she wants to visit, and then we learn from Victorique that Weirddudewithweirdhair has been in love with Jacqueline for a very long time. She is also the cause for his weird hairdo O_____O I don’t like her. If she made him have that haircut, I already do not like her.

The big bad golden monster's gonna eat your brain out if you don't shut up -.-

She then goes to visit the library, and seeing as she wants to see the “refuge” at the top, goes and meets Victorique who tried to make herself look like a doll and failed. Mysterious conversations occur, they are part of a past story and I don’t feel like explaining it all since it’s all things that happened in the past but anyways, all this to say that in the end Jacqueline leaves while cutting out the most important part of her story grrr. Victorique then explains to Kujo how everything was solved out in the end, and also how Grevil ended up with the haircut turns out it was all because of Victorique… Wow, what a retarded reason, really. Just sayin’. After Kujo is politely asked to go out by the elevator after he’s kicked out because Grevil and Victorique want to talk about family matters that don’t concern him, more detail is given as to why she gave him that haircut, and Victorique ends up in tears, saying that she isn’t like that anymore. After another scene where Jacqueline demonstrates how important to her Grevil really is it’s pretty cute, actually, the episode ends and the mystery that hasn’t really started yet will continue in episode 12.
Wow, this episode actually fills in a lot of background story that is still unknown to us.

Although we were explained the basis of it in the beginning, there are still many things we don’t know about Grevil and Victorique, which is why I really liked this episode. This starting arc will probably feature mostly Grevil, his background story, and I’m really curious to see what he will do in the end I kinda wish he’ll get rid of that haircut, seriously, Victorique has got to do something about it. It seems as though part of Victorique’s past is also involved in it, and that is another reason why I will definitely be looking forward to the next episodes.

Wow, you actually looked pretty cute before you decided to make an Eiffel tower with your hair...

There was a huge theme of love in this episode also. Starting off with the childhood love between Grevil and Jacqueline, I also loved the story about the “refuge at the top of the library where the King would meet with his lover”. I dunno about you, but I thought it reminded me of 2 certain people that meet at this “refuge” quite often… The conversation between Victorique and Grevil about the past murder, and Victorique’s words stating “I’m not like that anymore” also hinted things that made my romantic heart tingle :).
This episode was much more serious than usual, there was a bit of humour but for once Victorique’s mannerisms weren’t seen much. Although I like it when it is funny, I also liked this episode because everything felt more serious and it really feels as though we will learn a lot about our 2 blonde-haired characters in the upcoming episodes. Moreover, no murder or mystery really started off, which makes me believe that this show is not only about solving cases.
I really liked this week’s episode. It was original, different, and I really feel as though plot-wise the show will be advancing a lot. I still can’t believe they found a logical reason for Grevil’s hairdo, though… I don’t think I’ll ever get over it.

...Yep. I'll never get over it.