Rua you have no idea how wrong that sounds. XD

LOL Rua you poor innocent child, you have no idea how wrong that sounds. XD

Rua finds himself in a pinch with him unable to deliver a powerful attack against his enemy. Thanks to Powerftool Dragon being by his side and reducing damage from the fatal blows, the two of them refuses to give up and continue to strive for victory. In the mean time, Ruka and Trunka finds a way to free Regulus and decide to infiltrate the Demonic Monkey King’s palace and try to trick him into unsealing Ancient Fairy Dragon.

This was actually a funny episode where I couldn’t stop grinning. Trunka was the main source of that. All of his silly facial expressions – actually alot of it that we wouldn’t usually see in this kind of series considering they drop the comedic technique such as ‘sweatdrops’ and such. Right now I am very proud of Rua. He and his super special awesome Powertool Dragon (who is freaking adorable, I don’t care what you say, their relationship is like epic) have been supporting each other so much throughout the duel, and it’s so affectionate that is precisely why I love it. Also, as I pointed out in the beginning of the entry – I was cracking up at Rua’s remark. It sounds so wrong when you look at it the other way around!!!!! XD I just couldn’t stop laughing!!!
Ruka on the other hand, her role in this episode was more ‘serious’ while Trunka basically played as the clown. She was the one who used her brain and come up with some strategies and so on. But unfortunately I found her part this episode just plain boring, it grew more interesting towards the ending with her in disguise as they infiltrate the enemy’s base and face the one responsible for all the disruptions. As for Regulus, he really doesn’t impress me much. In the end, it’s really thanks to Trunka that is making this far more bearable to watch. Rua’s part though, is exciting because despite it has turned into a one-side battle he’s doing his best and his motivation to protect his sister is something I respect his character for. Yusei’s precense being at the duel has had some influence. I would imagine that if Yusei weren’t there Rua probably would have freaked out even more and let his distressed state get the better of him and I highly doubt Ushio would have given him any sort of useful advice.
Last thing about this episode, the animation was crystal clear. Something that we weren’t quite getting in the last few episodes, so I’m glad it’s back. It always makes the characters look so much better.


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