Sorry for lateness, I eez late because I had to catch up on so many things last week!Alright, so in episode 12, Kujo is asked by Avril to go to the Mediterranean Sea during summer vacation! Unsure, Kujo decides to go ask Victorique about it, however he doesn’t have time to say anything before Victorique goes all bitchy on him and refuses to talk unless he brings sweets PSSH! Fine then. Be that way towards your future husband. Hmpf. When Kujo leaves however, we learn that, in fact, she’s really lonely and wants him here with her You asked for it. It’s your fault.
Kujo though, being the Victoriquewhore that he is, decides to ditch Avril at the last minute in order to stay with her You’re lucky he’s a good guy. Anyone else would’ve ditched you already. PSH! Missy in denial (Yes, I’m in a bitchy mood today, for some reason). He goes to see Victorique, gives her sweets I swear you’re a damn lucky bitch, and then they have a small talk concerning Kujo’s family where Victorique acts like a 5 year-old a very cute one at that, I guess I can forgive her for being a bitch... We then have a bit of a recollection of Kujo’s past back when he was still in Japan, which basically continue in small scenes throughout the episode.
Meanwhile, Victorique, who was fascinated by the fact that Kujo climbed the tree, decided to do so by herself, however got stuck in the tree and basically stays there for the entire day because she can’t get down So stupid. But at the same time… So sad D: . Once it’s night time, Kujo goes and saves her, then goes to her house, only to be bitched at again because Victorique is still in denial and won’t admit her feelings to Kujo Okay this is actually becoming kind of annoying. Kujo however keeps talking with her, shows her a puzzle that she solves literally in a second, and then afterwards Victorique is happy and we find her complimenting Kujo on his awesomeness and how much better than his brothers he is Am… I hearing this right?! She’s COMPLIMENTING HIM?! SHE’S PRAISING HIM?!?!?! IT’S A FREAKIN’ MIRACLE!!!!!
Episode 12 Impression
This was a great episode, as usual! 🙂
The only thing I would say that actually bothered me was a bit of Victorique’s attitude towards Kujo. Usually, yes she doesn’t want to admit her feelings, yes she’s always been a bit of a childish person, but this time she was just being a complete bitch towards him during the WHOLE episode, except maybe for the ending part which was really cute, I have to admit that. She seriously acted like an immature kid and I was really getting annoyed. Then again, she’s still adorable, and I still can’t help but like her because her mannerisms are so damn funny and tinge at my girly heart :D.

Gee. Attitude, much?

Apart from this, the episode was good! I’m glad we finally got to know a little more about Kujo’s past and background story, I mean after all, he is the main character, and before this episode we literally knew nothing about him, apart from the fact that he was “the third son of an imperial soldier” which doesn’t say much.
Episode 13
In this episode, the show starts off as Kujo is hanging out with Avril when suddenly A BUNCH OF KIDS START SINGING AND DANCING! No, I’m not kidding, and no, is is not a musical. Please don’t run away. We are then shown a scene where Avril is TOTALLY AHEMAHEMCOUGHCOUGH not hitting on Kujo and TOTALLY not jealous Yeah. Totally. Meanwhile, we learn that “OMG, SURPRISE!!”, Avril remembers a ghost story that circulates around the school and that story will obviously never AHEM turn out to be true.

Then, as the plot continues to develop itself (This time on Victorique’s side), Kujo ditches Avril for Victorique once again HAHA. You fail, and the mystery continues unfolding as alchemy is brought into the episode.
The rest of the episode concerns Brian Roscoe, the unfolding mystery and other crap, but you know what, the whole jealousy and humour part I could make fun of in the beginning is pretty much all over so watch the episode if you want the details.
EXCEPT ONE THING. There… is… ONE. THING. That needs to be mentioned. Grevil’s hair is normal this week.
That’s right! It’s not a joke, Grevil’s hair really is NORMAL!!! YES, FINALLY A SMART IDEA COMING FROM HIM!! Weirddudewithweirdhair no longer has weird hair. I guess I’ll have to call him by his real name now.
Next week’s episode, apparently Victorique will be working for someone yes, you read that properly, and it also looks like Weirddudewithweirdhair will get his nickname back unfortunately sighs.
Episode 13 Impression
Once again, this was an awesome episode! I loved a lot of things about it, notably the amazing plot development. Every time a new mystery starts, we are given different bits of information on the upcoming big plot. This time, it involves Brian Roscoe, and I really want to know what he’s there for! Hopefully he’s a good guy… Maybe…?
What I also liked in this episode is that Victorique is finally facing a challenge and she’s finally taking part directly in the case! For once, she moved out of her tower, and for once she didn’t figure out the problem in one shot. Once again though, her immature nature showed up when she read the book and was all like “I can solve everything! I won’t lose!”. It wasn’t as bad as last episode though.
Avril was really funny also in this episode. I mean, I never actually rooted for her for the simple reason that Victorique is way too damned cute for Avril to even stand a chance, but she is a really fun character, and when she was showing supreme jealousy to try and get Kujo’s attention I found it absolutely hilarious.
Now, I wonder what’ll happen with this mystery… I actually have absolutely no idea how the case will be solved!