Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi Ep 2: Take a Tour Around Town~

The episode resumes from where Kazuma was introducing himself in the classroom. He learns the girl who kicked him in the face is Hinata Ibuki, her friend who he kissed, Ui and their hyper classmate Daigo who is their teacher’s son. Ui decides to give Kazuma a tour around town where as the other join them and the group grows larger as everyone joins in.


Much to my dismay, the episode was only funny for about 10 minutes, and anything afterwards was just plain boring. Nothing significant happened. What’s fun about a tour around town? Sure the legend is going to be important to the plot one way or another, but it doesn’t change the fact that they wasted ALOT of time. So we got a tiny bit of background about Ui. It seems that she has a brother who she cared about dearly, but I’m starting to think maybe he had passed away. It would explain her flashbacks and stuff, but it piped by curiosity how her memory with her brother (if he really is her brother) brought her memory to the accidently kiss with Kazuma.
Most of the girls have been introduced, and we have yet to meet the green haired one, who will be debuting in the next episode.
If I can tell you one thing that I was entertained by this episode was Daigo. That guy is such an idiot, it’s hilarious. It’s even better than his mother is their teacher!!!!  Also Ui’s appetite was throughly amusing. I love her kind of characters who have special traits like that.
….Meh, I really, honestly don’t have much to say about this episode, so that will be it from me this week.


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  1. I think this was necessary because there were a lot of things involving the “countryside world”. For example, every single person knows each other, there aren’t that many shops, and also it helped us see how the group was going to be, the tour basically brought everyone together and now it’s easy to understand the whole situation.
    This episode was a lot of situating the story around, I didn’t think it was that useless.

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