Kuroneko WILL beat her! SHE WILL! Romantically as well as creatively! … Maybe… Nahhh, you lose. For sure. It has been decided that Akagi and Kuroneko will be making a game together, and they will participate in an online contest with it. Yep. And they’re not allowed to kill each other in the process unfortunately… I would totally root for Kuroneko. In order to prevent any possible murders help the 2 first years, Kyousuke joins in as well in the team, and later on looks for books in order to help at making games. Akagi helps him, then attempts to insult him, however she has never met Kirino and doesn’t understand the meaning of insulting someone.
After going home, Kyousuke then starts thinking about Kirino, and in the end has the weird but amazing idea to make an eroge for the contest, sex scenes included. Akagi protests, however Kuroneko agrees and afterwards misunderstands that Kyousuke will have sex with her HAHAHAHAHAHA.The idea in the end is rejected, though.
After a sad scene where Kuroneko is seen eating all by herself, it is time for the voting, to see which game will be chosen for the contest. Akagi proposes an RPG, then Kuroneko proposes her version of a novel game comparable to the dictionary and uses Kirino’s insults as a backup, ranting out insult over insult and that is why I love you so much. Afterwards, for the voting time, Akagi loses badly due to EXTREME TRAUMATISM having too much Yaoi in her game, and in the end yells that she’ll tell her brother about this and leaves, never going back to the club immature bitch. You’re even worse than Kirino, gee.
Now at home with Kuroneko, Kyousuke and her are working on the game when suddenly they start talking about liking people and Kuroneko spits out the sentence “I like you as much as your sister does” which makes Kyousuke believe that she doesn’t at all you’re wrong. They keep talking, until Kyousuke hits a bump in the game where there are tons of bugs and it’s going to take a long time to fix, too long before the contest. Kuroneko however has the good idea to bring Akagi back into the gamer club, where she will help and fix the bugs. She goes to talk to her, spits out another speech about her rivalry with Kirino, then says some beautiful things that just sound wrong when they are coming out of Kuroneko’s mouth because her words are too beautiful and in the end, they both work on the game, and the episode ends as the 2 first years finally talk to each other normally without any murder risks… for now. After the ending sequence, we see that Kuroneko’s game has received a big, fat, “shittiest game” award on her game.
This was a great episode! My only concern is that this episode was the third OVA, meaning that there is only one left and I don’t want this to end 🙁 . This show is just so plain good that it’s one of those rare ones that I just think “It should never end”. And, trust me on that, I don’t say that often. I love a lot of shows, however I believe that most of them require a decent ending at a decent time in order to prevent the storyline from completely going bazook. Not for this, though. They could keep this going for a long time still, there’s still MUCH to develop and I would really like to see it, even for just the humour. But anyways…

Yep. You're right.

The Kyousuke and Kuroneko pairing isn’t that great, as much as I hated her I want Kirino to be back. I like Kuroneko, however as a pairing with Kyousuke I find it a little weird, especially since Kuroneko is supposed to have a super sharp tongue and that’s basically the only reason for me to like her. For her to be moved as the main character, she suddenly has a personality, and… I dunno… It feels weird for some reason. I feel as though I want her back just as the girl in the background who’s there to slap Kirino in the face when she does something stupid.
Now, don’t get me wrong. What I don’t like about her is the fact that she was changed to a main character, not the fact that they gave her a personality. I’m glad they finally gave Kuroneko a great development that doesn’t simply involve her being a hateful bitch that hates everything, she actually has a shy side to her as well, and I really like how they elaborated her without forgetting her old personality. Her rant while explaining her game project was AMAZING. I also loved her honesty when she confessed to Kyousuke even though he didn’t get it, and as weird as it was coming out of her, I also liked her pretty speech about teamwork to Akagi.

Talking about that girl… She seriously scares me O_O. Which is pretty impressive, I mean, anime-wise, I’ve tolerated a lot of things It doesn’t mean I understand them though. I can tolerate hardcore eroge fans, including Kirino who half orgasms over them. I can tolerate men who love anime boobs. I can tolerate girls who love Yaoi. But I can’t tolerate girls who like Yaoi so much they fantasize over it with real people. That is just plain traumatizing O_____O. Akagi… You just lost my respect. Seriously.


Anyways… This episode was hilarious by the way. Only this show has made me laugh as much as this, heck, even Beelzebub has trouble catching up, which is pretty impressive. Next week is the last episode, and I really, really, really want Kirino to come back for this, if only to give Kuroneko some rivalry where there’ll be awesome bitch fights they may both be bitches, at least they do it well and know how to insult each other 🙂.
…I don’t want this to end 🙁

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  1. ryvrdrgn14

    I think they just announced that Kuroneko gets her own spinoff manga. I am not sure if there is enough content in the novels left for a whole new season, but it would be nice if they continued making these OVA(?) episodes.
    This could probably end with Kirino not yet returning (just a wild guess) and if they do start a new season it’ll be with Kirino back.

    1. Myst

      that would be AWESOME! I’ll check it out and try to figure it out… I really hope Kirino’ll ocme back, then again if she does they might not have enough time to finish everything in one episode… I dunno how it’ll turn out :/

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